Had you Completed orthodontist treatment and finally happy that you completed your procedure? No longer have to come to the orthodontist every month for your routine checkup or to adjust your braces. Also, embarrassing treatment is complete now you no need to wear braces from now. As you can see every situation comes from a ‘but’. So let’s get to know what situation comes up in front of us where we need to use but.

 If you think you are free from your oral treatment but it’s not enough, you need to wear an Invisalign retainer. Retainer use for those who have minor misalignment issues in their teeth. For this situation, the doctor suggests you retainers but after getting the complete treatment you also need clear retainers for teeth because after taking off your braces your teeth need some light support to fix on their fresh places properly. They are removable so you need not panic, you won’t get uncomfortable while eating.

People think that straight teeth achieved during braces treatment after that you need not do anything. But it does not work like that during braces treatment your teeth pull on another place so that your overbite, underbite, and it can solve the crossbite problem. So, to maintain teeth in the same place, the doctor recommends a teeth retainer to fix your teeth.

The Consequences of Not Wearing a Retainer

Not wearing clear retainers for teeth can take you back to your older time when you didn’t take any treatment and facing issues. Because of irresponsibilities, you waste your money and time, so it’s better to take care of your Invisalign retainer cost.

Your Teeth Will Regress

After the braces procedure, you get proper placement of teeth and after that, if you are not using a bonded retainer after this process then after some time your teeth will regress.

To keep that straight smile and make all that time in braces worth it, retainers need to wear daily. And get back to the position as a crooked, improper position.

Unnecessarily use of money and time

Some people think if they won’t wear a retainer it may not be a problem. Because they won’t notice an immediate change in their teeth, but after some time you can discover your teeth back to your old position and again facing the same issues. But if you go for retainers, that is not possible. You will waste a clear retainer cost.

Also, if you put money in Invisalign retainer cost and still you are not wearing it, that is just a waste of money. Wearing them properly will help your teeth positioning in the extra space. 

Shows Irresponsible and Dedication to Your Dental Health

The irresponsibility toward your teeth can give you a severe disease or infection. Crowded teeth can cause infection because whatever you eat can affect your teeth or gums. So being careless towards your own oral health can frustrate you because of gum inflammation. Taking care of retainers and remembering to wear them is an immense responsibility for adults and kids, but it all depends on their dedication to how badly they want to recover their oral health.

Article Source :- https://bestorthodontistnearby.wordpress.com/2020/11/11/why-stop-wearing-retainers-could-be-risky/

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