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Catharine Song is a Cosmetic dentist located in Beverly Hills, California. She provides porcelain veneers with a smile makeover. We serve Beverly Hills and greater Los Angeles County.

Conveniently located to serve Beverly Hills and Los Angeles , Song Cosmetic Dentistry is located at 300 S Beverly Dr Ste #401, Beverly Hills, CA. Dr Catharine Song is now offering free consultations. She is now offering free consultations every friday.

Dr Catharine Song, DDS: Beverly Hills, Ca Things To Know

Dr. Song is a creative who sees dentistry as more than a profession. She considers her work as not just contributing to each patient’s improved oral health and well-being, but as a means to impact their lives on a deeper level. She believes this is her calling. Dr. Song received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry.

While she was attending dental school, a number of her works were sold at auction to benefit the DEAH DAY fund. Striving for excellence and top-notch dental service, Dr. Song never misses an opportunity to master the latest techniques, keeps abreast of the newest scientific advances, and incorporates her artistic expertise into all that she does.

Dr Catharine Song, DDS: Beverly Hills, CAThings To Know About

The search for an experienced cosmetic dentist that delivers the results desired by patients is not always an easy process. The cosmetic dentist must be experienced in identifying the dental issue as well as choosing and performing the best cosmetic dentistry procedure to alter or enhance the appearance and functionality of the teeth.

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Contact Info:

Song Cosmetic Dentistry
Address: 300 S Beverly Dr Ste #401, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone Number: 310-551-2955
Website: www.songdentistryinc.com


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