As a dental practice owner, I understand the concerns we face when considering the switch to digital radiography. For myself, it included a combination of managing my already overwhelming priority of servicing my clients, controlling my operational costs, building my clientele, and managing day-to-day risks. The process of upgrading my practice to digital radiography raised concerns, but it has helped my practice tremendously. As a result, I put together a quick chart that I hope will help shed some light on the most common objections (and misconceptions) about switching to digital. Of course, open to your thoughts. 

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  • Well said! I think Digital radiography is one of the latest technical advancement in the field of dentistry that our professional must know. Though there always remains mystery for grasping the use of new technology but soon become part of life. Digital radiography has got a great  capability to reduce the exposure of radiation to the patient while increasing our diagnostic proficiency has astounding implications.

  • Dr. David Gane you have explained all the details very nicely and it does not seems to be too tough to understand also. Thanks for sharing this post.

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