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Dr. Steffany Mohan DDS, the owner of Plaza Dental Group, is a renowned dentist in Des Moines. She has carved a thriving dental practice for herself through her knowledge about dentistry and her problem-solving and leadership attributes. In a profession where an overwhelming majority are women who invariably complain about their inability to handle their staff, Dr. Mohan has stood out as an exception, mainly because of her “people first” attitude. Dr. Steffany Mohan's media-savvy approach as part of marketing her dental practice and in reputation building has made her a celebrity in her home state, where people regularly tune in to her podcasts and TV shows to hear more about the exciting new things happening in the field of dentistry. As a part of her well-conceived PR strategy, she makes it a point to attend all important events and conferences happening in Iowa and the neighborhood. Dr. Steffany Mohan's charming persona and her radiant smile itself portrays her as a great example of everything that the profession of dentistry advocates.

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