Cost to Fix a Broken Tooth

12 Nov, 2015

Cost to Fix a Broken Tooth

Whether you've chipped a tooth due to impact or have cracked one right down the middle biting into an olive pit, fixing a broken tooth can either be a simple cosmetic procedure or an expensive structural repair. The difference in both price and complexity is largely determined by how close the damage is to the nerve, or pulp, of the tooth. Of course, an individual dentist's fees must be taken into account as well.

Cosmetic Repair with No Nerve Involvement

If the chip or crack in the tooth does not venture near the pulpy center, using white bonding material to replace and repair the tooth is a relatively simple matter. The remainder of the tooth is shaped with a drill and then specially-tinted dental composite is attached. It is then shaped, hardened with a infrared light, and polished. Depending on how extensive the work is, the average dentist only charges between $100 and $250 dollars to complete this repair.

Functional Repair With No Nerve Involvement

If you've cracked a molar but not damaged the roots, your dentist can use a similar technique to prepare your tooth to receive a porcelain or metal crown. This will allow you to chew normally and protect the nerves. The price of crowns typically ranges from about $830 to $1150. There are many options for crowns, including metal, resin, or porcelain. Metal tends to be cheapest while porcelain is on the higher end of the price range. The price will also depend on your area and the complexity of the restoration.

Any Repair with Pulp Damage

You will probably know right away if you have damaged the pulp because it will be extremely painful and will need immediate attention. In these cases, the dentist will have to first perform a root canal followed by a crown. The bill can total between $1500 to $2000. If you do not have insurance, you may be able to set up a payment plan or take out a line of credit.

Unattractive Option: Extraction

If you do not have the means to have a broken tooth repaired, having it pulled is the least-desirable and cheapest option. This usually costs around $150 to $200.

How much you will pay to fix a broken tooth is largely dependent upon whether or not the nerve is involved and where the damage is located inside your mouth. However, investing in a cheap dental plan can help cut those costs in half. If you have a broken tooth, seek out help to protect you from a financial disaster!

If you don't have cheap dental insurance, consider investigating discount dental plans, alternatives to insurance that can allow those in financial need to visit the dentist without breaking the bank.

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