Are brushing and flossing really that important? Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is a definitive yes because these two short and simple habits are extraordinarily good at cleaning out the mouth.

Toothbrush bristles, for example, are thin enough to cover most of the surfaces of a tooth (and whatever gaps they can’t reach, a piece of floss can clean out just as well). Combined with a fluoride toothpaste, your toothbrush is powerful enough both to scrub the malignant bacteria and food residue from the mouth and to remineralize the protective enamel on your teeth.

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  • I am totally agreed with Dr. Gotora. I would like to thank him for sharing such a great article among us. 

    I would like to add my thoughts o this.

    Brushing and flossing are both important for your oral health. The objective of flossing and brushing is to stop plaque development. Plaque comprises of highly affected bacteria. Brushing just expels plaque from the front and back surfaces of your teeth. 

    Here are some tips for taking care of your child’s teeth:

    • Choose a small, child-sized, soft-bristled toothbrush. Soaking the brush in warm water for a few minutes before brushing can soften the bristles even more.
    • Both the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend using an amount of fluoride toothpaste the size of a grain of rice as soon as your baby's first tooth appears. You can graduate to a pea-sized amount when your child turns 3 years old.
    • Brush your child's teeth twice a day - in the morning and just before bed. Spend 2 minutes brushing, concentrating a good portion of this time on the back molars. This is an area where cavities often first develop. Take turns brushing with your child, as she may want to help.

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