• Monique, I've been a DEXIS user for 10+ years. We've been happy with the product and it has been solid. We use PracticeWorks for our management system, but the DEXIS INTEGRATOR works with most systems. Image quality is great and we have found the system easy to use. I'd be happy to email you a few images, if you'd like.
  • Allen, my office is in the process of purchasing a new digital x-ray system. Dexis is on the top of our list. Will you please share your thoughts regarding the ease of use and image quality as well as how it integrates with Eaglesoft software? thanks, Monique Mabry DMD
  • We've been using DEXIS for over ten years. We have had absolutely no problems with the system and have placed very few calls to support. We also use the DEXIS INTEGRATOR, which opens the patient's DEXIS file in a small window on all charting screens making the radiographs easily accessible.
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