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Wax Printing vs. Milling

I am wondering if there is a lab that is printing wax patterns and also milling copings/wax patterns-with a mill such as the Origin. If so could you could tell me the results you are getting with both systems and how it is working for you.(If you are

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Cerec inLab: Prep Design

I have worked with the Cerec inLab for about a year now. Through trial and error and a variety of tests that I have done, it is my understanding that we need a certain type of prep design to be successful with this CAD/CAM system. It seems as though

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CAD/CAM and wax printers

I just got back from Lab day in Chicago and looked at plenty of scanners.  Just wondering what kind of scanners every one is using in your laboratories and what your experiences are regarding margin integrity and fit, along with how how easy it is to

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