Wax Printing vs. Milling

I am wondering if there is a lab that is printing wax patterns and also milling copings/wax patterns-with a mill such as the Origin. If so could you could tell me the results you are getting with both systems and how it is working for you.(If you are only utilizing one of the two I would still like to hear your thoughts)



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  • We have a number of milling systems and we have one mill (Roland) that is dedicated to wax milling. The results are okay. We don't really use it for casting patterns that much because we find we can usually do it almost as fast by hand, though we do like the consistency we get in our full contour milling. We use it a lot to mill out some of our bigger structures and test them out before we cut the item from a more expensive ceramic block.

    Sometimes technology for technologies sake just doesn't number out. Printing wax is even worse.
  • I hope someone replies to this because I would also like to know. Good question Jenna!
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