Tooth decay is something that not only small children but adults too can face. It is mainly the result of a combination of bacteria and food particles in the mouth. Tooth decay also causes severe pain. What did you do to get relief from the pain? Which is the best remedy in your opinion? 

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  • Consult your dentist immediately for tooth pain, as it becomes severe sometimes and need immediate attention. If it is in the first stage, try natural and home made remedies. Place a clove of garlic with a little rock salt on the affected tooth.It relieves the pain immediately.

  • Thank you Dr.Vu Le for adding some more home remedies. I am sure this is going to help the patients get some temporary relief before they can reach us dentists. Especially when such pain occurs in the night, the best thing to do is look for some home remedy and wait until morning.

  • Nice job Dr. Steffany. You gave very good home remedies for getting relief from tooth decay pain. Garlic and green tea are good options and as Giovanni said cloves are also a good option.

    I want to add some more home remedies to help you.

    By using salt water with oregano can reduce pain for a long time, it may even give you permanent relief.

    You can also use pepper with clove's juice, it can give instantaneous relief from pain.

  • Cloves are really a good option too. A lot of times you can just place a clove in your mouth hold it against the tooth that aches and you will feel much better. Moisten the clove well with your saliva and make it a bit softer, this will help release its oils. Then place it on the affected area. Keep changing the piece of clove after every 45 mins, till you visit the dentist. This can give you temporary relief from pain.

  • Oil of cloves applied to the decayed tooth will relieve pain until patient can be seen in the office

  • Yes, I completely agree with you but what I was asking was about any home remedies for getting relief from pain before visiting the dentist. I personally feel that garlic and green tea are two things that are very useful in oral health . Green tea can lessen the pain and also contribute in removing any infection if had without sugar. Garlic, when chewed raw in the morning can stop the pain as it has antibacterial properties. Moreover, if a clove of garlic is crushed along with rock salt and applied on the affected tooth then also the patient will get quick relief.

  • Dentistry is just about the only branch of medicine where the person can walk in in agony and leave within 10 minutes pain free. There are no analgesics which adequately control the severe pain of an acute pulpitis. So get the patient in immediately, administer a local anaesthetic and either place a sedative dressing or extirpate the pulp - whichever is indicated and you will have a grateful patient for life.

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