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I must admit I have disconnected the mouth from the rest of the body! Does it seem the "newbies" coming out of school have a new understanding of this or is it actually the opposite? I have been at the same office for ten years with one young dentist and old old , getting ready to retire, and one from a woman's perspective (who just left the practice) I have seen many approaches through all of our associates (four in the past five years!). I am wondering if we do get a new dentist out of school if maybe there is hope ! my mother just started going to a dentist who was actually the assistant in the office and bought out the dentist !!! My mother loves her and loves her approach through healthy living as well as healthy teeth!!! I pray that this is a good sign of evolving dentistry! I have found a tiny nitch to integrate this as I am getting bogged down in the dental field, I do admit! So hoping you all have some insight and encouragement in an otherwise routine day to day for me.

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  • It is true that many newbie's are coming out of dental college every now then, but those who seriously takes their approach towards their profession, actually succeeds. Since most of the people are enlightened towards dentistry rules, that is why it is not difficult nowadays to find out between the better & the best & we take the privilege at serving our valuable patients with all new innovations & experience. 

  • You should have passion for anything you do. If you do not have passion for anything then it is useless to do it.

  • For me dentistry is a very fascinating profession. I love it because I can make a person in pain smile in a short period of time. But people have a storng notion about it that only those who some kind of a problem with their mouth or teeth should consult a dentist. That's completely wrong because even if one does not have any problems it is advisable to do so once in a while to keep many upcoming problems at bay. Apart from this, I always advice my patients to follow certain dos and don'ts in day to day life to stay oral healthy.

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