How Oral Health Affects Your Heart?

One more reason to stay oral healthy: oral hygiene is directly related to the health of your heart. With bleeding gums bacteria enter into the bloodstream to travel throughout the body. These then cause inflammation and clogging of the arteries resulting in heart diseases and strokes. So, the next time don't ignore any of your oral problems. Visit a dentist at the earliest.

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  • Thanks Vu Le and Dr. Berry Katella taking time and responding to the major concern of the today’s world. It’s become very essential to maintain the dental hygiene and intimate connection between oral health and overall health in order to protect the entire inter connected body system. 

  • Yes, don't neglect your oral health, it's a window to your overall health. Give more emphasis on oral hygiene.

  • Good advice Dr. Steffany Mohan. Most people ignore these things and then face problems afterwards. It is very important to take proper care of your teeth and gums and visit your dentists regularly

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