Hygiene + Wellness : Dental staff unite

I hope everyone already knows this about me.....Reminding you that I have been so excited and ignited quite frankly about dental participation in our Wellness business. Joining the medical team that is internationally spread with 17 years of success, the dental professionals have had the benefits! To work closely with these professionals has sparked my passion again after 12 years in the profession. It has helped me solve problems in my own life (financial security, time freedom, and going part time in the office finally !), and value the fact that I help others do the same. Increasing receivables, no insurance ties, and back to the standards of care I value :)



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  •  Glad to know that you have started to enjoy your work all over again. I can well understand that being a devoted professional and doing almost the same kind of work everyday can be monotonous.Making a difference in others lives is such a fulfilling emotion and that it in turn helps you to heal yourself, added to that is the financial security and time freedom. What better way to maintain the standards of care and in turn be cared for.

  • I would like to share w/  you an opportunity similiar to what you are doing now that is focused on wellness and health and nutrition that I myself as a dental hygienist am experiencing financial freedom and yet the ability to help my patients enrich their lives w/ better health.  Please email me at nczaplinsk@yahoo.com so we can exchange information and share my story w/ you.  Nicole
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