Physics Forceps

I am reluctant to purchase the Physics Forceps without having first heard from anyone to see  if they are worth the purchase. Has anyone tried them, and if so, what have your results been like?

Thanks in advance.

Todd Welch, DMD

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  • Dental surgeons use specifically indicated forceps to grasp and remove teeth from their sockets. Extracting teeth simply in minutes with the revolutionary physics forceps dental extraction instruments is getting easy.

  • Hi Todd,

    As a periodontist, we rarely use forceps for tooth removal as we, like you, wish to preserve the bony socket.  Most of our cases are combined with a bone regeneration procedure to restore normal physiologic bony parameters prior to implant surgery.  We section all multi-rooted teeth, and gently widen the ligament spaces and elevate the roots with periotomes (Hufriedy) and root proximators from Karl Schumacher (7 instrument kit).  We also use some of their matching forceps to assist in removing very loose roots after elevation.  Finally, we use the Piezosurgery device developed by Tomaso Vercellotti and Mectron Medical to assist in many extractions.  In my opinion, this is a fantastic device with many applications including ridge augmentation-bone regeneration, ridge splitting, sinus elevation and graft, osseous surgery for pocket elimination and crown lengthening, and, finally, to assist with implant placement in some cases.  We have several units.  And, no, I am not "on the payroll" for any of these companies.  So, can't comment on the Physics Forceps, but I hope this helps!

  • Thanks David. I was thinking the same thing. I appreciate the response.
  • Todd...I have a grand total of 4 types of forceps in my practice; 150,159, Cowhorns, Ashe...oh and a nifty lil ditty for crowded teeth...that's it!
    As John Daily said "Give it a grip, and give it a rip"...
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