I have a case with anterior disc dislocation with reduction  in the left side and the right is normal  this diagnosis as report by MRI radiograph , clinical early clicking with opening ,no limitation of openinig , no shift ,but there is a pain to thumb presure anterior to ear during movemnt in the left side . i make anterior repositioning splint to recapture the disc night time , and put a stabilizing stent during the rest of the day  i ask if i correct , how i can make adjustment to the splint by refining occlusion with articulating paper or is there another method , thank for all doctors to replay

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  • The range of dysfunction varies from a reciprocal click of the joint to intermittent locking or "catching" of the joint to a "closed lock" (anterior displacement of the disk without reduction). Similarly the teatment approaches vary depending on the symptoms and degree of dysfunction. Treatment regimens can include medication; occlusal appliances ; physical therapy modalities, mobilization, and exercises or the surgical intervention

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