• Orthodontic treatment is very important. At the early stage of life, it goods to get a tooth alignment from the dentist for a better good oral health. There are many family dentist for dental care available but choose the qualified and professional dentist. 

  • deep bites are usually corrected with braces, as upper and lower teeth often require a large amount of force to correct their poor angulation. If the problem has a small lower jaw component, a fixed functional appliance may also be used together with braces. At an early age, really severe deep bites may be treated with a removable appliance to reduce the wear on the teeth. Through these treatments, we can move the teeth to the best possible position.

  • Well, the treatment plan for deep bite basically depends upon the severity and the age of the patient. The adult patient having excessive deep overbite of 100 per cent are set with a choice for an Orthognathic correction of the problem which should be done in conjunction with an oromaxillofacial surgeon.

  • i am trying to proclline with reverse curve niti

  • hello ,

     inverse positioning of bracket for what ?

  • we can proline upp anteriors by inversepositioning of bracesas we can see intrusion of upp anteriors ,and coming to retention we cansplint palatally


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