• There is a great article in Compendium earlier this year (can't remember which issue) by the OMFS/Ortho faculty at Loma Linda University. They showed a lower 4-4 advancement with and subapical mandibular segmental osteotomy with a rapid advancement device. This was done instead of the conventional md. SSO advancement. The case came out very nicely. As a GP, I don't recommend doing a osteotomy (we're not trained), but in many case, a corticotomy will suffice,which we can do nicely with a device such as the piezo surgery.

    Some of the risks of this surgery are: dehiscence of soft tissue, laceration of roots, either apically or sagitally, gross tipping of teeth rather than bodily movement.

    Students, such as I, of Progressive Orthodontic seminars, have been doing these types of 'surgically assisted orthodontics' for almost 10 years, in some form or another. It is a valuable tool for adult ortho tx.
  • check it out at Mectron.
  • tks 4 the clue about piezosurgery unit ;-)
    lemme c if it is available in India, its cost etc....if possible i will get 1 and start with it. tks again
  • Thanks for your comments, Ravi. It seems as though this is becoming a more widely accepted treatment modality. We have been using the Piezosurgery unit from Mectron for a variety of surgical procedures ranging from simple tooth extraction, periodontal osseous surgery for both disease elimination and crown length, and osteotomy creation for sinus elevation and bone graft procedures. The Piezosurgery unit is also used for segmental osteotomies to facilitate rapid orthodontic tooth movement; although we have never used it for this purpose. Perhaps your colleagues are familiar with this application.
  • never done that as all Surgical cases I refer to my frnds in surgery. want to try out Dento Alveolar Distraction osteogenesis procedure for fixed orthodontics :-)
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