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December 19

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This year Beth celebrates 35 years as an RDH. She established The Florida Institute of Orofacial Myology, LLC, a clinic and learning center for health care providers in Port Orange, FL. Beth provides industry consulting services, Corporate Recruiting and Placement, and was the Editor in Chief for Contemporary Oral Hygiene for over six years. Her career has been multifaceted in clinical dental hygiene, education, sales and marketing management. She is a graduate of Indiana University, and Past President of the Indiana Dental Hygienist's Association. Beth has written and presented dental continuing education courses for the past 29 years. She has worked for Scherer Labs, developing the Gel Kam product line and sales team, the John O. Butler Company as Director of Dental Education, initiated the sonicare sales force for Optiva Corp, and serves as a consultant for manufacturers and distributors of dental equipment and supplies. Beth founded CareerFusion, LLC the first and only professional development resource for dental clinicians to explore and secure nontraditional career options based on their clinical education. Through her business she offers practice management consulting services to the dental industry and private practices, as well as designing educational and marketing solutions for new diagnosis and treatment products. Clinical practice has remained stimulating for Beth as non surgical perio treatment protocols have become the standard of practice and therapeutic advancements have allowed for individualized care delivery with predicable successful results. Combined with the public's and medical provider's heightened awareness of oral disease and the care options available we are treating more knowledgeable and sophisticated patients. As oral care therapists, we are able to partner with our patients to co-diagnose, co-treatment plan and mutually enjoy healthy management of dental illness. Contact Beth to discuss your interests. Beth’s courses include the dental team’s role in identifying airway and swallowing issues, tongue thrusts, eliminating noxious oral habits, treatment of the facial muscles and tongue in orthodontic case management, advances in perio patient care, periodontal protocols, MI protocols for all ages, hands on courses, and human relations/employment law.

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