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  • I will, by the way would you please remind me when is going to be next one. I did get the information not too long ago and I haven't found it.
  • Hi Cary,
    Hope everything is well with you, practice & Family,
  • Dean Mersky posts some of the most complete and technically excellent posts that I ever see. He follows quite a few blogs.
  • hi Cary
    Thanks for the greeting
  • Giovanni told me to log on so I did.
    I still listen to him after 20 years !

    Jim Meyers
  • Hi Cary
    it's not realy a CT scan progam you can work with any kind of numeric Xray from the simple retro alveolar for one or two implants a panorex for a one side reconstrution or a san for anterior or full mouth .
    With the MDS Pilot we can place the implant according the prosthetic wax up the bone volume evaluated by ultra sonic palpation and many more infomation colected at the first appointement.
    Everything is done before the surgical appointement so it's end up to be very precise and very secure.
    The interface is easy to use .I hope to show you that one day

  • Cary thanks a lot. i will contact one of the guys soon. Isnt Pamella on webdental? i would love chat with her too. Chatima tova!!
  • Hi I repeat my message: if i want to consult friends from webdental on computers like Mac and Keynote ....what group should i join?? imaging and technology?? other??
  • Hi Cary

    Thanks for the greeting and I look forward to checking out this site.

    The fish is a rainbow trout, caught on a size 14 dry fly on the Willaimson River in southern Oregon. An amazing way to unwind from work and enjoy the great opportunity for fishing here in Oregon.
  • Cary,
    How do you feel about the Tunneling procedure for root coverage using ACDM as presented in Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry this month on pagfe 395?
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