August 21

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11-20 years

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About Cosmodent India Cosmodent India is one of the leading dental implant and oral healthcare facilities in India. Equipped with highly-trained professionals and highest-grade technology, Cosmodent India is also widely recognized as one of the most popular dental implant and cosmetic dentistry arenas globally. Highly-trained professionals at Cosmodent India specialize in different sectors to provide all-round dental solutions to people all across the world. Right from endodontists to pedodontists, the team at Cosmodent India believes in providing the highest-grade solution to their patients. Cosmodent India is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization focused on providing the best dental treatment package to patients arriving from different parts of the world. Located in Gurugram, Delhi & Bangalore, Cosmodent India is a patient-centric medical facility consisting of medical professionals, medical staff as well as doctors who are keen on providing satisfactory dental treatment, travel as well as various other medical- oriented facilities to the patients all across the globe. Cosmodent India holds a record of treating more than 40,000 patients from all across the world. With 12+ years of experience in the field of dentistry, this organization holds a long-term vision of helping people by bringing back their ability to smile once again. In merely a short amount of time, Cosmodent India has successfully made a name for itself all across the world by winning various prestigious national as well as international awards comprising of implants, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics as well as child dentistry. Cosmodent India’s Professional Team Backed up by a team of highly experienced medical surgeons, Cosmodent India has been offering world-class dental services at an affordable price range to both its national and international patients. Along with highly-trained medical surgeons, Cosmodent India consists of staff that’s highly driven on providing the much-needed assistance and support to the patients during the entire course of the treatment. The team at Cosmodent India believes in the comfort of the patients at all times and that’s the reason they are available 24*7 in order to provide prompt and quality dental services. Led by one of the top dental surgeons in India, Dr. Aman Ahuja, Cosmodent India family consists of: ● Dr. Komal Nebhnani (Sr. Dentist MDS- Pedodontist) ● Dr. Hussain Wardhawala (MDS- Orthodontist) ● Dr. Shashank Arora (Sr. Endodontist) ● Dr. Anika Arora (Sr. Dentist MDS-Endodontist) ● Dr. Ekta (Sr. Smile Designer MDS-Orthodontist) ● Dr. Sameena Fatima (Sr. Smile Designer) ● Dr. Ankit Singh (Sr. Dentist MDS) ● Dr. Sakshi Singh (Sr. Dentist MDS) ● Dr. Gitanjali Johnson (Sr. Dentist) Experts at Cosmodent India works day and night to ensure that the international patients are comfortable at all times, thereby turning their medical travel experience into something worth remembering.

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