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Digital CAD/CAM Revolution

Dr. Mark Morin (USA) lecturing at the CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference (8th Edition)

The current economy is revolutionizing how we practice dentistry. Dental "consumers" have become more educated and more connected than ever before and therefore are more discriminating when choosing a dentist.

Current technology is not only allowing dentists to have more control and be more efficient but it is also becoming a major way for dental practices to differentiate themselves from other practices. Learn how to leverage YOUR practice and technology to create the "Ultimate Patient Experience" which will not only increase case acceptance and new patient referrals but also improve your practice lifestyle.

  • To be able to identify the specific practice areas that CAD/CAM gives you an advantage in.
  • Learn how to leverage these areas for better patient acceptance
  • To learn how to create the "Ultimate Patient Experience"
  • To identify the key elements to taking your practice to the next level
  • Find out how CAD/CAM technology pays for itself
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Dear Colleagues of the Dental Team,


As you all know, the 7th edition of the CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference was held in October 2012 in Singapore. As you may expect, the event enjoyed the same success that we are all used to.


We are very much thrilled by the grounds that our conferences are covering year after year. By now, all of us; organizers, sponsors, as well as speakers are very well known symbol of quality at the international level. It is our mutual cooperation that brought us to this level of professionalism. All of us put the interest of our participants as our top priority.


Though the dental CAD/CAM industry has reached quite a very high level of development and became a major trusted player in Dentistry, it continues to improve on a fast pace. Statistics tell us that by the year of 2050, more that 50% of dental services will be done through CAD/CAM technology. This serves only to highlight the importance in keeping up with this fast moving technology through such highly specialized conferences.


We will continue this unsurpassed cooperation to bring to our audience the most recent updates of technology in the CAD/CAM field with few "surprises" as well.


See you in the Dynamic City of Dubai!


CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference, 8th Edition

02 - 03 May, 2012

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, UAE



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Aesthetic Dentistry MENA Awards 2012


Only 7 Days Left!

Closing date for all entries: 20th December, 2012


As one innovative step in the Middle East the Aesthetic Dentistry MENA Awards 2012 aim to focus the public attention on the quality and the level of dentistry in the region for the well - being of the patients.


Submit your clinical case and be the Winner!


Be a part of this Premier Event for Professionals!


Website: http://www.cappmea.com/awards2012/

Online Case Submission: http://www.cappmea.com/awards2012/online.html

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I Love My Dentist Awards 2012

For third time “I LOVE My Dentist Awards” present the fantastic opportunity for dentists to show how remarkable they are. It will take only a minute for your patients to reward your great work and to recognize your exceptional individuals and skills. Send them the link and ask them to vote for you.

Closing date of the nominations is February 28th, 2013.

More information find on “I LOVE My Dentist Awards 2012”.

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Discover the Master’s secrets and Dubai’s superlatives.
For the total of 9 days the Grossvenor House (Dubai, UAE) will host the TribuneCME’s course Clinical Master Program in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, organized by CAPP.
The program includes two sessions in January and April, 2013 and will cover the following topics:

Session I: 10 - 14 January 2013 (5 days)

Direct/Indirect composite Artistry in the Anterior Segment

Direct/Indirect composite Artistry in the Posterior Segment

Photography and shade analysis

Clinical Masters: Didier Dietschi, Francesco Mangani, Panos Bazos


Session II: 24 - 27 April 2013 (4 days)

Full coverage Anterior/Posterior Restoration

Partial coverage Anterior/Posterior Restoration, Ceramic Restoration

Clinical Masters: Mauro Fradeani, Urs Brodbeck


Also included are live patient treatment and hands-on workshops in each session and online learning and mentoring. Participants will be certified for passing the theoretical and practical examination with 100 C.E. credits.


CAPP FZ is an ADA CERP recognized provider.


For full program, certification and registration details visit www.cappmea.com/tribunecme

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Hands-on course Implantology

Dear Dental Colleagues,


On November 09th 2012 at the 4th Dental-Facial Cosmetic International Conference will be conducted Getting the Outmost of Implantology In Daily Dental Practice/The Use Of RFA In Daily Implant Practice Hand-on Course by Dr. Wijnand Peter van der Schoor (The Netherlands).


The main course objectives:


•             Implant choice in relation to:

o             Surgical aspects and prevention of complications: bone quantity, bone quality, Implant stability

o             Complete implant placement procedure and hands-on workshop on Dummy Jaws

•             Unique objective and scientific way for testing the implant stability upon implant placement. The Use of RFA in daily Implant practice

o             RFA Technology

o             What is the ISQ

o             Manage implants at risk

o             Reduce treatment time

o             Treating higher risk patients and implants at risk

o             Clinical Cases


More information and contact:       


events@cappmea.com                                 M: +971502793711


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The NYU College of Dentistry - Current Concepts in American Dentistry, Middle East Program
starts October 11th, 2012 in Abu Dhabi, UAE with three days session. We welcome the first speakers coming from New York University:

Dr. Cyril EVIAN– “Crown Lengthening Procedures and Resective Techniques for Esthetics and Treatment for Caries and Fractured Teeth”, “Treatment Decisions for Interdisciplinary”

Dr. Michael APA and Dr. Brian CHADROFF- Treatment Decisions for Interdisciplinary Challenges: Achieving Ultimate Aesthetics (Part I&II)

Dr. Philippe TARDIEU– “Introduction to Dental Photography and Management of Patient's Informations”

For more information and different options for Registration please contact events@cappmea.com


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Current Concepts in American Dentistry

New York University College of Dentistry's - Linhart Continuing Dental Education Middle East Program 2012 - 2013 gives you the total of 201 CME Hours (accredited by the American Dental Association, HA-AD and DHA), cooperation for getting US Visa, opportunities for expanding  your knowledge and understanding of specific areas of dentistry, meeting the Dean of the NY University,  the world renewed and famous lectures and practitioners, facing the international culture and much more!

3 Weeks in New York,
2 Sessions in Abu Dhabi,
Certificate in Implantology, Periodontology, Prostodontology, Esthetic Dentistry.


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Current Concepts in American Dentistry

Dear Dental Colleagues,

NYU College of Dentistry's Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program provides the administrative support for the "Current Concepts in American Dentistry" international short-term continuing education program. These customized educational opportunities are designed for international dental groups to provide a deeper knowledge and understanding of specific areas of dentistry. Its teaching staff includes NYU College of Dentistry faculty, alumni and outstanding educators from other institutions and private practice. Program topics and content are determined by the special needs of the group in consultation with the Assistant Dean for Continuing Education. The program is establish in 1981 and now has 3,000 graduates from 26 countries throughout the world.

The "Current Concepts in American Dentistry" program by New York University College of Dentistry, started for the first time in Middle East on 11 – 13 October in Abu Dhabi, UAE follows with sessions New York City, USA January 21-25, 2013, then follows 11-13 April, 2013 in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Final session in October 14-25, 2013 in New York City, USA.

Best Regards,


"Current Concepts in American Dentistry" >>
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Dear Colleagues,

Join our "IMPLANTOLOGY toDAY", the newly introduced session at 4th Dental - Facial Cosmetic International Conference, held at Jumeriah Beach Hotel, 09-10 November, 2012. The specialized session, entirely dedicated to Implantology will take place on the second day of the conference,
10th November 2012.

If you are interested in the Implantology session solely, you now have the option to register for the second day of the conference only.

Looking forward to welcoming you at Jumeriah Beach Hotel, Dubai.

Best Regards,

4th Dental - Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Continuing Dental Education - Current Concepts in American Dentistry

Middle East Program 2012 - 2013 >>


Photography & Documentation

(Session 1 (Abu Dhabi), Saturday, October 13, 2012)


Just making a click is by far not enough to make good intra-oral pictures!

Being good in photography in an absolute necessity in dentistry today.

Photography is fully integrated in daily practice. It is first used for diagnosis purpose but also for communication purpose with patients and lab technician. It is used for medico legal reasons and allows getting a clear view on our clinical results.

This course is an introduction to digital imaging techniques.

A full and clear review of the material to use will be done: criteria of selection’s criteria for the camera, the flash, lenses and the software to use to manipulate images.

The camera settings will be explained to take intra oral and extra oral pictures.

The image transfer and storage will be fully covered.

And all kind of in-office use of pictures will be explained.

A hands-on workshop will be done using your camera, Adobe Photoshop on participants’ lap-tops and using Dent@lvia software.


Learn more and visit www.cappmea.com/nyu

Sessions >>

Certification >>

Registration >>

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NOPREP Veneers, Technical Point of View

(Dental Technicians Parallel Session at the 4th DFCIC)

Aiham Farah, CDT

Dental aesthetic is about much more than optimizing the dentition. It's about how a beautiful smile can enhance your personality, presence and charisma. Many people hesitate to consult a dentist about cosmetic dentistry due to a previous painful experience, now the NOPrep veneers are what we call an absolute painless dental aesthetic, because it requires no reduction of tooth structure and no shots of aesthetic. In addition to the fact that we have materials and techniques available to us that eliminates the need to prep. But never to forget that every technique has its limitations, what are those limitations? Where is the (added veneers concept) from all that? To prep or not to prep? Here is the key answer.

Learn more and visit the 4th Dental - Facial Cosmetic International Conference which will be held on 09-10 November, 2012 in DUBAI, UAE

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Dear Dental Colleagues,

Kind reminder our Early Bird Registration for 7th CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference will finish on 31st of July 2012.

Don't miss the opportunity to register at the preferential price at www.capp-asia.com. Looking forward to welcoming you at the astonishing Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore for an amazing weekend between 6-7 October, 2012.

Best regards,

Dr. Mollova
Managing Director
Periodontal Surgeon
CAPPAsia | M: +971 55 1128581 T: +971 43 616174 | F: +971 43 686883
E: deyanov@capp-asia.com | FB: cappasiapacific


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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Eduardo Mahn

4th Dental - Facial Cosmetic International Conference 

Early Bird Registration - Closes 22nd July » 
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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Eduardo Mahn

New Indications in Aesthetic Dentistry:
Closing Diastemas with Minimally Invasive Techniques (Part I & II) 

Classical dentistry is dealing with defects, caries, demineralized areas, discolorations or broken teeth after trauma. In such indications we are restoring damaged, infected or missing areas of the tooth structure. In order to achieve immediate success and long term survival we need to respect several biological rules and follow certain clinical protocols. Restoring the function was the priority and aesthetics was secondary. If at the end of the treatment the restoration looked nice it was always welcome.

The above description fits well to dentistry during the last 30 years. But these ideas are not longer acceptable for many of our patients. In our competitive modern society it is considered a disadvantage to have “not nice looking” teeth. This means that whenever something happen to them (caries, trauma, insufficient form, proportions or alignment) the situation needs to be fixed… and in an aesthetic way! As a simple example, many patients have old anterior composites with an insufficient appearance and a diastema for years, they come to you for having them changed plus the diastema closed, and suddenly they do not accept anything but a perfect invisible filling! Others come for orthodontic treatment with too small teeth for their jaws, and after the orthodontic treatment they are not happy with nicely align teeth with spaces between them, they also want to have them closed!

Fortunately the improvements in techniques and materials have been so great during the last years that we are in a comfortable position to offer the patients answers and predictable results for such cases.The lecture will focus in how to deal with diastemas in a simple, minimal invasive and predictable way, it will also give guidelines regarding the choice of materials, will present new digital diagnostic tools and show new prep-less composites and ceramics techniques, it will present a simplified layering concept and discuss the limitations of them. The aesthetic potential of ceramics and composites will be shown, the advantages of new materials and last improvements in their optical properties will be described. It will be based on many fully documented clinical cases in HD quality, with step by step procedures, showing what is really possible to achieve and the limitations of novel techniques.

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Dr. Umberto De Luca Presents…

7th CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference
Dr. Umberto De Luca

New Dental Hybrid Material in the CAD/CAM Technology and Its’ Opportunities for New Indications

Back in 1997, a Siemens representative informed that there is a new device in Germany that is able to produce ceramic restorations chairside, without the need of conventional impressions. Without any further information, Jose Umberto and Silvio, his brother, travelled to Switzerland in order to participate in a lesson given by the creator of the technique in the University of Zurich, Prof. Moermann. Since then, they followed the technique. After the release of the CEREC 3D, it can be said with confidence that the technology has become a must-have in every dentistry office. As the technology evolved, VITA ZAHNFABRIK was always innovative with their blocks, the first block, MARKI and right after the MARK II bloc, which is used to these days, has evolved in both strength and aesthetics until the release of TRILUXE and REAL LIFE, which unquestionably meet all of the demands of modern dentistry. VITA will surprise the market with the launch of a brand newhybrid product that will, without doubt, change the course of dentistry. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity of learning more about the advances of this new technology.

The Esthetic Limits of CAD/CAM Restorations

Jose Umberto De Luca started his studies at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, obtaining his DDS certificate in 1978, working mainly with gold inlays, onlays and PFM for 18 years. In the year of 1997 he started using CAD/CAM technology as a participant of the course “CAD/CAM technology (Computer aided design – Computer integrated manufactory) in restorative dentistry, the CEREC method” at the Dental School of the University of Zurich, Switzerland. At that time, someone can imagine the difficulties to run the CEREC machine in BRASIL and how the results were coming out of that amazing but really tricky machine. As Dr. De Luca was getting confidence with the system, he started to give lessons and courses on the method and the principles of preparation and materials all over Central – and South America. Even knowing that the adhesive idea was introduced by Buonocore around 1955, at that time the process was still a little bit confusing with Silane, acid etch, moist or dry dentin, etc, but one point was clear: Adhesive dentistry was evolving rapidly. Two main incentives drove this evolution. Adhesive techniques combined with the use of tooth-colored restorative materials where and still are frequently requested by patients. They want us to restore their teeth not only anatomically and functionally, but also aesthetically. Although important improvements in bonding have been made in the last 30 years, note that the requirements of an ideal bonding system are quite similar to those indicated by Buonocore. But what about the materials? Are they following this improvement? Of course they are and if we talk about aesthetics, we have to mention VITA as one of the first whom came out with aesthetic blocks for the CAD/CAM technic. In the meantime a discussion started about the dental laboratories. Would that be the end of the lab work? Would the ceramist lose their artist work because of a computer? One thing has to be clarified, for the anterior region if someone wants to have color details as mamelons, mixed with translucencies effects etc. there is no question that a ceramist will be needed, but the question is: will these effects be visible by the patient? The dentist with a macro camera and a dark background inside the mouth will see it, but what about a social photo, will that photo show all the hard work done by the ceramist? For the anterior region, we can discuss these results but for the posterior region, I can guarantee that all these effects satisfy more the dentist’s ego rather than the patient’s expectations. Come participate and watch what a CAD/CAM restoration without characterization and glaze can do for you and your patient when we discuss time and material consumption.

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CAD/CAM Digital Dentistry

Dear Dental Colleagues,


Cordially invite you to the 7th CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference, in the dynamic city of Singapore 6-7 October. The conference will get together the Dental elite involved such as – Dentist, Dental Technicians, Clinics and Labs mixed with top Industrial companies with a scientific programme with CPE points with international keynote speakers. One excellent networking place where you can exchange your experience, feedback and get close to the leading manufacturers.


We look forward to spending a great weekend together and to welcome you on 06 – 07 October at the astonishing Marina Bay Sands Hotel.




Dr. Mollova


Periodontal Surgeon



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Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the 6th CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry Int'l Conference, which will take place in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, DIFC, in Dubai, UAE!

Renowned high-end speakers from Germany, UK and The Netherlands in a combination with hands-on interactive workshops will definitely be an exciting experience for all industry professionals. After completion of the programme participants will receive certificates for upto 20 CME hours (Health Authority Abu Dhabi).

Detailed agenda

Speaker profiles

I am looking forward to seeing to there!

Best regards,

Dr. Mollova

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Dr. Andreas Kurbad, Germany

Keynote Speaker

 An extensive treatment planning is the key for success in esthetic reconstructions. The planning should start with diagnostics. An evaluation of the esthetics is necessary. It can be based on the direct investigation of the patient, but more important is the work with photos and in the last time also videos are used. A lot of analysis can be done with simple methods, for instance using common PC programs like PowerPoint.


An excellent design and, in the second place, the predictability of results are very important when restoring teeth in the esthetic zone. In most esthetic dentistry cases, a re-design of the shape and contour of the respective teeth is required. In conventional treatment procedures, this is accomplished by means of a wax up. This also can be done digitally today. Once approved by the patient, the wax-up represents the basis for all the working steps that are carried out in the course of the treatment.


Very frequently, the wax-up is used to fabricate splints for so-called mock-ups or provisional restorations. Those temporary restorations play a more and more important role within the treatment concepts. Moreover, silicone matrices are made to ensure control of the amount of tooth structure removed during preparation. These matrices enable the mandatory minimum layer thickness to be observed and the shape and contour of the final restoration previously defined by means of the wax-up to be reproduced. To provide patients with a restoration whose appearance is very close to that originally defined in the treatment plan is crucial to treatment success.


Following tooth preparation, the new situation will be scanned again and matched with the data of the case already stored in the computer. The digital wax-up can then be used for the design of the final restoration. The modern, highly esthetic all-ceramic materials available today even allow full-contour restorations to be milled, which only need to be stained and glazed. In challenging cases, a slight cut-back can be performed to optimize the result.


Cementation is the last and a very important part of this complex. The thinner the ceramic thickness, the more important is to pay attention to the underground color and the type of cement. All in all, this is a completely new way of achieving highly esthetic outcomes in the management of restoration cases. It allows the predictability of results to be increased in a very cost-effective way.


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Dear Colleagues,


It is with great honor and pleasure we welcome you to the 2nd Iraqi Dental Reunion/IDA Annual Conference March 30th – 31st, 2012 Saad Palace, Erbil Iraq.

The 1st Iraqi Dental Reunion 2011 was a great success, achieving record attendance and further establishing a reputation as the dental industry's leading regional event. The event welcomed more than 1200 and 400 visitors including dentists and dental technicians from the government and private sector and students coming from all provinces of Iraq. Participants accumulate the latest opinions, trends and insights from industry thought leaders, shared experiences with colleagues, made new contacts and bound exciting relationships and exchange their ideas and knowledge.


Exhibitors & Sponsorship

Please contact:

Dr. D. Mollova at info@cappmea.com

Mob.: +971 50 4243072


For more information:


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