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January 1

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Gnathos organization is focused on helping those health professionals that are seeking to get probably the best orthodontic education to ensure that they want to deliver orthodontic care to the patients of theirs. We believe that everyone should have the access to get the quality of training in the industry of theirs. The Instructors are able to provide probably the best presentations so that everyone is able to enjoy the sessions of theirs. We have a professional team. They are able to ease your subject difficulty. Gnathos organization was actually founded by Dr. Gerald S. Samson in 1982. He's Generally known as an educational entertainer. He usually uses high-quality materials for seminar attendees, Gerry's zany, engaging, and brainy methods have made him one of today's most popular educators. Participants are actually certain to enjoy a unique educational, clinical experience which is actually both informative and motivating. Dr. Gerald is also called Gerry. Dr. Samson is also working as a consultant to private pediatric dental and orthodontic practices, lectures extensively both in the United States and internationally. He was the invited guest co-editor of the Journal Seminars in Orthodontics. Dr. Samson's presentations emphasize clinical decisions based on science. Contact Dr. Samson at 770-851-8319 to book your appointment for attending the live learning sessions.

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