New York, NY


August 25

Dental Specialty

Dental Educator

Years in Dental Industry

4-10 years

About Me

We maintain very high standards in every aspect of our service, including sterilisation, materials and technology. Our staff are all highly trained and experienced. They undergo continual training and we constantly strive to improve our service. In short, we try to provide a service that we ourselves would like to receive. Where dental treatment is required, it definitely pays in the long term to have quality work done because it will function well and be long lasting. Importantly, it will also not contribute to, or cause further problems as poor quality work often does. We also follow a Holistic approach to dental health. This means we take a person's overall health and well-being into consideration in whatever we do. The mouth, teeth and their supporting structure are a very important aspect of general health, and problems in the mouth can be very important in contributing to or causing other health problems, This is increasingly being recognised by health practitioners and the public alike. We do not use Silver Amalgam fillings as we believe there is sufficient doubt about the safety of this material due to its mercury content (50% silver, 50% mercury). Mercury is highly toxic. We specialise in the safe removal of amalgam fillings and their replacement with more biocompatible materials. We basically do metal-free dentistry as we believe that metals in the mouth can be a cause of - or contribute to health problems, due to electromagnetic effects caused by the metals. We also use Homeopathy, Nutrition, Kinesiology and Aromatherapy in our practice. Our comprehensive range of services includes: Mercury free fillings Tooth coloured fillings Cosmetic dentistry Treatment for gum problems Fresh breath clinic Crowns Bridges Dentures Tooth whitening Porcelain veneers Treatment for headaches and TMJ problems With our philosophy, approach, knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence, we are very much a 21st century dental practice, providing comprehensive, high quality care and efficient friendly service.

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