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  • Dale does a great job. Glad to know you are well taken care of. Capek really is a great material. Now, with the perio-systemic link defined it becomes even more important.

    Please let me know if I can help in any way. Very glad to know you are around.
  • Hi Ira, thanks for the kind words. It's fun! As far as knowing about your original post...I have spies? Actually, just heard of the blog today...low and behold, there was your post. Go figure!!!
    Anyway...thanks again for the support and for getting great information out for all to share.
  • Hi Ira,
    How the hell are you and the family! Things have been real busy and going well! I miss you will call you next week to catch up!
    Your friend Bruce
  • I sent a few packages of info out to you, did you get them?
    Just want to be sure, Ira
  • Hi Ira,
    Thanks for your comments, by the way I havent' seen you for a while. Where have you been or to what Dental meetings you have gone that I have missed you. Anyway, hope things are well with you, your family and business,
    Best Regards,
  • hye sir its really very much impressive to see your profile.
  • I highly recommend Ira N. Dickerman and the Dickerman Dental Prosthetics Lab. I have known Ira for over twenty five years in several different capacities. From the very beginning of my professional career, I have worked closely with Ira and the Dickerman Dental Prosthetics Laboratory to deliver the highest quality dental prostheses to my patients. His skill, knowledge, and expertise in all areas of dental prosthetics are critically important to help achieve successful treatment outcomes. He continues to be a tremendous resource and wealth of information for myself and my colleagues.

    In the 1980’s, Giovanni Castellucci and I co-founded the Periodontal Associates Study Club, accredited by the Academy of General Dentistry, that was primarily focused on educating and training restorative dentists in the emerging field of dental implant prosthetics. Ira played a vital role in the education process and served as the primary faculty member and expert on laboratory procedures. The club thrives today, and Ira continues to lecture to our group on a regular basis, as well as being a regular attendee at the meetings. His input is invaluable during these meetings.

    On a more personal level, Ira is a sincere, dedicated, compassionate, and hard working individual. His integrity and character are of the highest caliber.
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