Ashburn, VA

Dental Specialty

General Dentist

Years in Dental Industry

11-20 years

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Dr. Liliana Suarez is the director of LSI MEDICAL BILLING & FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS, LLC, a Revenue Cycle Management (Medical/Dental Insurance) Consulting firm. Dr. Suarez has twenty-five years’ experience both on the billing/audit aspect of the medical/dental insurance side. A licensed dentist, Dr. Suarez has worked in the Revenue Cycle, the Hospital Environment, and Public Health Research. Her past positions held include Director of Quality Assurance Program, Auditor Director Medical Billing and Medical Collections, Office Manager, Patient Account Representative, Insurance Collector, and General Dentist, having worked in a hospital Epidemiology Department and in medical administration. For her consultancy clients, Dr. Suarez has customized solutions based on a thorough assessment addressing all desired areas of improvement and development, to include: Internal Controls Assessment, Coordination and Development of Training Programs, Internal Policies, Insurance and Patient Outstanding Balances Collections, Medical/Dental Coding, Accounts Receivable Management, and Medical/Dental Financial Consulting. Soon in her career she realized that no matter how excellent a healthcare provider is, if they don't count with a well established administration their practice is destined to close and along with the practice, the healthcare provider's passion for their careers and their desire to treat patients. Is a lost-lost situation for the providers and the society in general. As healthcare provider and epidemiologist Dr. Suarez sees also the closing of the healthcare practices as a potential public healthcare problem. For these reasons she committed to use her analytical and organizational skills to help healthcare providers to establish processes and procedures in their practices to ensure the revenue cycle works like clock and allow the providers to focus on their patients. Dr. Suarez’s past experience includes managing audits for $512.4 million from collectors of different specialties to include ambulatory surgery centers, anesthesiologists, orthopedists, chiropractors, dentists, and other doctors. Dr. Suarez developed the Billing Department of a large practice using various forecasting tools, leading the business to increase collection from 38.9% in the first year to 99.7% in the following years. A designer of highly successful / Revenue Cycle Management (Medical/Dental Insurance) Consulting, Dr. Suarez has maximized practice resources and successfully helped Medical/Dental practices to grow to their full potential revenue capability.

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