Charlotte, NC


January 5

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General Dentist

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20+ years

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Hello, I’m Dr. Taj, and I am the owner and primary dentist at Modern Family Dental Care. I love working here because we actually strive to make this a whole different place of experience where we form partnerships and really try to lead people to a more healthy lifestyle with different, wide-range of solutions

One cool fact about me is, well not really cool but, I’m just really a family man. And I actually study Krav Maga which is a self-defense system. And that’s what I do when I am not working.


About Our Practice:

Modern Family Dental Care - Northlake offers a wide range of dental services in the Huntersville and Northlake areas. Our team is committed to providing the best dental care in Huntersville for you and your family through all stages of life. From routine teeth cleanings and x-rays to restorative dentistry and emergency dental services, Modern Family Dental Care in Huntersville offers everything you need to keep your smile healthy. Book an appointment today! Our Northlake location offers dental implants, Invisalign and general dentistry in Huntersville. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn what sets our Huntersville dentists apart from the rest.

Modern Family Dental Care- North Lake
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