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April 13

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Here at Palm Tree Dental, we are proud to offer a wide variety of services to our patients; from pediatric dentistry to denture fabrication, we are here to provide patients of all ages with expert dental care. No need to visit a specialist for root canal, either; Dr. Rabata can expertly perform root canal treatment here in-office. To join Palm Tree Dental family and begin your dental treatment, give us a call at 361-238-4460 to schedule your first appointment, or come by our beautiful Ingleside dental office located at 2334 Hwy 361 Suite 162, Ingleside, Tx 78362.

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While flossing and good eating habits contribute to positive dental health, visiting your dentist regularly makes sure of it. Palm Tree Dental at Ingleside TX, provides you with a caring, skilled, and friendly environment where services are worth every penny. We at Palm Tree Dental treat cases of each individual especially and ensure that there are no uncomfortable or unpleasant experiences. From teeth whitening to emergency dental care services, Palm Tree Dental offers a wide variety of services to patients of all age groups. Waiting for appointments with the specialist is no longer required, as even processes like root canals can be done in the dental office itself.


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