Pickering, Ontario

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General Dentist

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4-10 years

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Pickering Square Dental has Pickering implant dentistry, where dentists will evaluate the situation to determine if dental implants are the best option. Their dentists take pride in their work and give an individual caring focus. Their Pickering implant dentistry uses the latest innovation in the dental field, and they provide the best dental services while ensuring your comfort. They always strive to educate their patients in the area of oral health, modern dentistry, and healthy living whenever possible. With their Pickering implant dentistry, you will get the smile you wanted and dental care that will preserve your smile. Visit their office located at 1450 Kingston Rd, Unit #4, Pickering, Ontario, L1V 1C1, Canada or email them at You may also check out their website or reach them at 289-277-2830.

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