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  • Hi Sarah,
    If you are booking patients, you might find our Real Time Online Booking System very useful. We are beta testing it right now but imagine with your busy schedule, the soon mobile application may come very handy especially with the introduction of the iPad from Apple. The possibilities are endless. Please send us your inputs of features that you like to see and we will custom make for you.
  • Hey Sarah--

    How have you been? Did you enjoy your meeting downtown, it sounded very interesting? Wish I could have bumped into you in the City, would have been nice to have met you! What did you think of the IDF? Take care TTFN!
  • Hello Sarah--

    Let me know what you think of the IDF. It is really an email style forum, but lots of good information is discussed. You can post questions or respond to various topics, etc. No, I do not work for Luke, although, I know him well and must say that I do admire his abilities. I am currently working for a full service laboratory in Rolling Meadows, I know the commute is less that enjoyable! Oh and as far as the CDS meeting, I really must say that, I as many others have not clearly decided on which programs will be the best, there is so much excellent information. I can say that I will be a the Cal-Lab meeting on Friday and Lab Day on Saturday for a portion of the day. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  • Hello Sarah,
    Welcome! Thanks for your participation! Please invite your colleagues and dental friends to become members. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • Good Morning Sarah, you'll be pleased to know that I have signed up for membership to the ACE website. Thank you for the info, let me know what you think of the IDF, it has truly proved to be an excellent resource for me. I hope you feel that it is a worthy resource as well.
    Happy New Year! Take care and best wishes!
  • Sarah--

    Hey neighbor-- I live in Aurora too, real close to Naperville 34 & 59 area. What do you think of the site? I'm a new member, but it looks pretty promising. Are you also on IDF (Internet Dental Forum) if not, it is a great resource, check it out!

    Take Care --Jesse
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