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Dental Technology Showcase 2015

It will take place on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April at the NEC in Birmingham.
An extensive trade exhibition will host leading dental suppliers and manufacturers, each showing the latest products, materials and technologies available. Experts in every field will be on hand to provide any information, advice or guidance you may need.

Of course DentLab Manager will be there.
We will be happy to help you choose the most suitable option for optimal results!

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As the provider of the leading order, invoice and logistics system for dental technicians, we are happy to announce that DentLab Manager now supports e-invoicing. This makes you able to meet the demands of all your customers and select individually wich invoices will be sent out as e-invoices.

This eliminates the need to manually enter invoice information into other external systems. Not only saves time, but also disappears costs of postage and envelope. E-Invoicing shipping will happen automatically when billed in DentLab Manager.

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DentLab Manager Client Portal

The new DentLab Manager Client Portal adds a feature every dental laboratory can take advantage of.

After analizing the needs and, of course, the input of DentLab Manager users, we found out that order registration puts away time from both dentist and technician.

Now with the Client Portal available online, the dentist can log in to an account in DentLab Manager were order fulfillment is available.

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We are proud to  introduce you our new website
You can ask questions, request support online and even get a free trial!

We are also getting ready for Dental Technology Showcase in Birmingham, come and meet us there!

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Growing up

When I started working on DentLab Manager, the first challenge was to improve the usability of the system. The goal was allowing the user to go over the screens using only the tab key. At the time, my work was based on doing this on the order screen, which includes many fields. Because of that, we had to analyze with detail which of those were the most used fields during the creation or edition of an order, and finally which could be the best sequence to go over them, bearing in mind our clients suggestions.


Then the same procedure was applied to other screens. Although we are continually making improvements, at this point the challenge was to improve the performance of DentLab Manager to enhance the user experience. That was a hard work for the team, based on client's feedback, and looking for those spots where the system spent an amount of time larger than expected. We analyzed each of them, in order to find the best solution which means greater performance in a less time. We hope we have successfully fulfilled our task, which will never end, because we will always look for further improvement.


I have not always applied improvements to DentLab Manager, I have also been dedicated, along with the development team to implement new features, some of them are called "modules".


The first one was about the exportation of accounting data files, which would then be used in third party accounting systems. This meant a great challenge for the whole team, which has always taken every implementation of a new functionality very seriously and respectfully. In this case we had a new challenge, being able to generate files that comply with requirements of external systems. To carry out this module implementation, it was necessary the direct interaction with customers who were interested in this module, gathering data on the required configuration and different file formats, to meet the requirements set forth. The customers’ cooperation was decisive, to validate and corroborate that the implementation complied with their expectations and the requirements of each external system used by them.


After this module many others were implemented, the one that I enjoyed developing the most, was the barcode module. When our product owner told us that we had to implement a module to facilitate user's work on an order simply by using bar codes, we thought this would be a very good challenge to test us again. The specifications were clear, using bar codes, we had to provide DentLab Manager’s users a simple way to grab and close procedures in a requisition, add material to a product, and associate batches codes of materials within an order. So after meetings, analysis and conclusions, we developed the module that makes possible to print a report from a requisition which contains bar codes for the order, products, materials and procedures thereof. DentLab Manager’s users, through these bar codes are able to perform the required tasks without keyboard or mouse usage, only with the bar code scanner.


Once we received congratulations from customers who use the barcode module, we were happy to have reached their expectations. Thus , day by day, we also address the questions and suggestions from our customers, we are always looking for a new DentLab Manager improvement to enhance the user's experience , as well as new challenges that invite us to investigate and learn a bit more about our customers and their needs to turn them into DentLab Manager’s functionalities.

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Active requisitions

This is where the magic happens. If you use DentLab Manager you probably love this page because it shows all the sceduled task for one dental technician or even for the entire team. The dental laboratory software includes a view for the administrator to check if there are any delayed cases and take action, or if everything is on time, technicians can easily grab their tasks. You can discover the DentLab Manager experience NOW. You can even get a free trial

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