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  • Work here is good for me. I have had great opportunities to learn and grow at the laboratory I work at. The owners are great people and encourage the tech's to learn more. Several techs in minnesota are not certified. I actually finished Dental tech school in 1980 and just got certified last year. Another school I heard about is IDEA, I don't know much about it, only what I saw in their website. So here in the USA you don't neccessarily need certification but, it could give you an edge on which applicant the lab hires. Personally, I think it is a very good thing to be certified.
  • Well, in Minnesota where I live we do not have any dental tech schools. There are some in other states. I was one of the last graduating classes from the school I attended and then they eliminated the course. If you google dental technology schools you can find some. Dawson Academy has a lot to offer and I have heard good things about Michigan University. I am sure with the people on this site if you posted a blog you would get plenty of good advice! What sort of education do you have in India?

  • Hello Hemant! Wow, India! Welcome to WebDental. I am new to this site as well, just got home from a great weekend at LabDay Chicago. You are starting your career at a very exciting time!

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