Do you know that one out of five children suffer from at least one or two tooth decay as the parents are unaware of maintaining a better oral healthcare routine for their child? Even a small oral health problem can lead to more serious concerns as your child become younger. While it is essential to teach your child about oral health and hygiene, you shouldn’t simply stop there. Having a healthy diet routine also plays a great role in keeping their teeth safe and healthy. 


So, to help parents with the same, this article sheds light on the 5 healthy foods that can strengthen the kid’s teeth. Let’s explore them one by one.

  1. Milk & Cheese


Almost every student loves Maggi, pasta, bread, and other stuff that quickly breaks down into sugar. This sugar further feeds other bacteria present in the mouth that produces cavity-causing acid. This is where giving milk and cheese to your little ones in the breakfast can be beneficial. The calcium, vitamin D, and phosphate present in them raises the PH level in the mouth, lower the acidic level, and ultimately reduces the risk of tooth decay. 


  1. Vitamin C


During childhood, there are different bacteria present in the mouth and some of them can even cause gingivitis if proper care is not taken from the beginning. That’s why professionals recommend eating foods rich in vitamin C such as Orange, papaya, strawberry, and others. Giving your child these things can promote a healthy supply of collagen in the gums. Also, ask your child to brush at least 30 minutes after having Vitamin C fruits as it can weaken tooth enamel and result in erosion. 


  1. Nuts & Lean Proteins


Give your child almonds, cashews, and other nuts while they have milk at their breakfast. Along with this, you can also give them meat, fish, or tofu if you are a non-vegetarian, otherwise, you can go for leafy greens, eggs, and beans. All of these foods are rich in protein, calcium, and phosphorus that can keep their teeth and jawbones healthy.


  1. Sugarless Gum


Kids love to have sticky candies and jellies. Isn’t it? So, the next time your little one begs for a pack of gum or candy, you can say yes and buy them a packet of sugarless gum. Chewing these gums for at least 20 minutes after a meal can help prevent tooth decay. But, you can give them gum only if they are 5 years old or more. 


  1. Water


Although it doesn’t come under food, water is the most essential things for better health, still, often overlooked. Ask your little ones to have a glass of water after every meal as it rehydrates your child and helps them wash away the leftover particles. This will reduce the chances of tooth decay and cavity from the beginning and keep your child’s teeth healthy forever.


Having these aforementioned foods daily helps strengthen teeth and bones, resist acid, and prevent tooth decay. Along with this, also make sure to book a monthly appointment with a good dentist in Chennai or any of your nearest clinic to keep a check on your child’s oral health since their early stage.

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