Are your clear retainers cracking or breaking?

Prevent Retainers breaking

One of the downsides of Essix retainers are they are fragile and can easily break if not properly cared for. The most common reason retainers break is improper removal. The second most common time retainers are broken is when they are being cleaned.

5 Ways to prevent Dental Retainers from breaking.

  1. Get Essix Plus Retainers- They are two times stronger than standard essix retainers and the same thickness.
  2. Remove Correctly- You want to use one finger on each side when removing the retainers to prevent flexing and twisting the retainers.
  3. Support During Cleaning- When brushing the retainers you don’t want to hold on to one side and brush the other side. You want to support the retainers in your hand or on a towel when brushing the retainers.
  4. Clean Correctly- You do not want to use alcohol based mouthwash with retainers. The alcohol in retainers will dry out and damage the retainers. We recommend using freshguard when cleaning your retainers. We have a video on youtube showing how this is done.
  5. Storage- You want to store your retainers in a case when not in use. You also what to keep away from pets. Dogs are known to eat retainers.
Upper + Lower Dental Retainers
Upper + Lower Dental Retainers

If you properly take care of your retainers they can last for many years. If you retainers have broken please visit for a replacement.

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  • Hi, idea and tips that you have given for protecting dental retainer is really helpful and effective. Retainers are mostly plastic, and the two most common ways they can be damaged are from heat and from dryness. Don’t put your retainer in hot water, the dishwasher, a washing machine, direct sunlight or near a heat source – it can easily warp. Retainers are exposed to the same bacteria and plaque as the rest of your mouth. If not properly cared for, they can harbour germs and create unpleasant odors. Like your teeth, they need to be cleaned – at least rinsed – after every meal. Clean them as you would your teeth, with a soft brush. Some retainers can be brushed with gentle toothpaste, but some cannot, so make sure you check with your dentist. 

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