8 Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know

A healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind. And when we say body, we mean every part of it – including your teeth and gums. All of us are so caught up in perfecting our bodies, that we often forget the importance of the first thing people notice about us: our mouth. Taking care of your oral health is very simple; all it takes is a little daily practice. At Oracare Dental Centre, we care about your oral hygiene, and this is why we would like to tell you a few things about your mouth that will make you want to take oral hygiene as seriously as we take it!

1. Gum disease affects your overall health

Yes, you read this right. You’d ideally think that your teeth, gums, and tongue don’t have anything to do with the rest of your body in terms of health, but that’s not true. Did you know that if you have gum disease, you are 4 times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke? Yes, this is true. So it’s advised to make an appointment with an expert dentist to evaluate your oral health.

2. Dental cleaning and check ups are important

How often do you visit the dentist just for a check-up, and not exclusively when you’re experiencing pain? To prevent your oral health from deteriorating, it is important that you take regular appointments at your dental clinic, and get your teeth and gums examined. You are then more likely to be protected from harmful diseases in the future.

3. Oral cancer is real, and fatal

Most often, people ignore the signs of oral cancer, like legions or red spots in their mouth, because of which several cases go unnoticed which makes oral cancer fatal. This is why you need to start practicing good oral hygiene and seeing expert dentists to help you understand your teeth and gums better. Prevention is better than cure.

4. Root canal treatments are not as painful as you know them

Most people know that getting a root canal done is a painful procedure. However, this isn’t true anymore, all thanks to advanced technology. At Oracare Dental Centre, we pride ourselves to provide the best dentists and even better root canal services that are so painless, you won’t believe the procedure is over!


5. Change your toothbrush regularly

A toothbrush loses its purpose after 3 months at maximum. Hence, it is important to change them regularly. If you suffer from gum bleeding, it is advised that you change your toothbrush every 4-6 weeks, because bacteria can stay in the toothbrush for long.


6. Some medicines can also cause tooth decay

Taking aspirin, blood-pressure related pills, etc., can make the mouth devoid of saliva, thus making it more prone to attracting bacteria. The remedy for this - stay hydrated.

7. Children also need to see the dentist regularly

In fact, it is important that you take your child to a dentist once every six months. Childhood is a phase when the most amount of changes occur in the body, and teeth and gums are one of them. To prevent them from losing or damaging teeth at a young age, it is important to take them to a trusted dental clinic.

8. Your tongue can tell a lot about your health

Yes, your tongue has the answers to the things going on in your body. For example, if the tip of your tongue is reddish, it may indicate a thyroid or a heart problem. If your tongue has a yellow-green tinge, it might mean that there’s a liver or a gall bladder issue. If it’s grey-brown, it indicates digestion problems.

And finally, taking care of your teeth is super easy

Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing regularly, avoiding excess consumption of sweet/carbonated beverages and food like chocolates, and taking appointments with an expert dentist regularly is the way to go. After all, a healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind.

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