Affordable Dentures in Houston and How They Work for You

Where can you find affordable dentures in Houston? Dental implants including dentures are a preferred method to restore several lost teeth at once after an accident or decay has taken them.

At NABA Dental, we have the expertise to install custom fitted, affordable dentures for you so you can have your smile back. Our dentures are designed to provide you with a normal appearance of a full set of teeth as well as restoring your bite to normal.

Dentures or Dental Bridges?

Both dentures and dental bridges are designed to replace lost teeth. However, dentures can be more cost effective, especially when you need to replace several teeth at once, including all of them if need be.

Dental bridges use a crown on two adjacent teeth to suspend a pontic, or false tooth, within a gap. Several bridges would be necessary to replace numerous lost teeth, and they may not be able to accommodate several lost teeth in a row. Do you have missing teeth that leave you feeling uncomfortable? Replace one or more consecutive missing teeth with fixed bridges in Houston, TX.

On the other hand, partial dentures use a metal framework that relies on leverage against the gums and roof of your mouth to suspend several pontics. It is more cost effective to have several dental implants mounted on a single framework than one for each gap.

Partial or Complete Dentures

Partial dentures are designed to replace two or more teeth in your mouth that have been lost. They restore appearance and biting capability, allowing you to eat, drink, and speak naturally once again.

If all of the teeth are gone from your mouth, whether lost on their own or removed by a dentist, a complete set of dentures replaces all of them. Complete dentures are often designed to look like a removable set of teeth and gums that fit over your actual gums.

With partial dentures, a metal framework suspends pontics throughout your mouth, on either the lower or upper array, and can include both if needed.

The framework uses leverage to maintain the position of the pontics, but the dentures can easily be removed for cleaning or repairs.


Denture Teeth

The teeth in dentures are primarily made from acrylic resin, which keeps costs down to make them affordable while still making them look natural and remain functional.

Denture teeth are also made from porcelain, which is more durable than the resin, making them ideal for replacing necessary chewing teeth. The main downside, however, is that porcelain teeth have a tendency to wear down and damage nearby real teeth.

In complete sets of dentures, however, all porcelain teeth are frequently used, both for their durability and appearance.

Recent advances in dentistry have made acrylic resins more durable, thanks to hybrid composites. Typical resins, like those used in dental bonding, can wear out quickly, but these hybrid composite resins are more durable and last longer. Replace those missing teeth and help bring back that smile with Dentures. Visit Naba Dental Center for affordable dentures in the Houston, TX area.

Resin dentures are still less durable than porcelain dentures, and should be replaced every five to eight years. The reduced cost of acrylic resin makes them an affordable option for dentures in Houston, however.

Denture Framework

Denture frameworks can be made from a few different materials, but most notably rigid acrylic resin or chrome cobalt metal. These can be used for both partial and complete dentures.


After an impression mold is taken of your gums, the mold is sent to our laboratory where a dental technician can fabricate the necessary framework that will fit your mouth exactly.

Poorly fitting dentures and other implants can lead to gum disease and other bothersome conditions, so we take exceptional care to ensure they are the perfect fit for you.

Acrylic resin plates can be color matched to your gums, giving a natural appearance, but metal frameworks are sturdier and more durable. It is completely up to you which method you wish to use, as both can be affordable denture options. Naba Dental excellence for the whole family. Learn more about the services available from the best dentists in Houston.

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