Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Missing tooth can be easily replaced today with almost natural looking artificial substitute. One of the biggest factors behind the success of replacement tooth is their placement for which dental implants are used. Implants are akin to artificial root for a replacement tooth and are hence, responsible for its stable placement.

Best base for artificial teeth: Dental implants offer the best support for artificial teeth. They are placed securely in the jaw, providing firm support. Their solid base ensure your artificial teeth is as firmly embedded as your natural teeth. It is considered to be a much better option than bridgework, resin bonded bridges, endodontic treatment. It is also much better than dentures which have to be taken out repeatedly.

Long-term solution: Dental implants have been used in dentistry for decades now and have lasted the test of time. It offers the most long-term solution among all other options. Most options do not last more than a decade. While implants may need some adjustments from time to time, they will last much longer.

Protect adjacent teeth, gum: Dental implants offer a base to artificial teeth. Replacing missing tooth is not just a cosmetic issue. Missing tooth can take a severe toll on adjacent teeth and the affected gum area. As the adjacent tooth try to compensate for the missing teeth, they become crooked. The jawbone can deteriorate, resulting in erosion. Implants fill up this space, strengthening the jaw.

Lead normal life: By giving a permanent base to your teeth, dental implants help you lead a normal life. You no longer have to live with missing tooth. This way they help in discharging many essential functions in our body, including eating and speaking. Implants are also used in replacing more than one teeth, like dentures. However, as permanent teeth they are much better than dentures. They do not have to be taken out and are good as natural teeth.

Cosmetic benefits: As part of your replacement teeth, dental implants have obvious cosmetic benefits. Today these are built to be as good as your natural teeth, ensuring that your smile remaining as beautiful as ever. Not just that, implants ensures that your jaw retains its shape and does not sag.


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