Bioluminescence - Have you used it?

ATP-Driven Bioluminescence Is A Useful Tool At The Dentist's Office For Predicting Children At High Risk For Tooth Decay.pdf

I took particular interest in this news due to my Pediatric background. I was surprised to learn of Bioluminescence via the internet and not my rep, honestly ! However, I wonder if this technique will become main stream?

The technique detects and links ATP to streptococci and total numbers of bacteria. Caries risk is then addressed based on the tests findings. This approach can then be used to test mouth rinses, special toothpastes, ect.

Personally, I feel this would be a great tool available. To actually test a child patient after a last 6 month recall visit, after being prescribed a caries control toothpaste. Also if a patient used a recommended mouth rinse, whether it be an over-the-counter product, or an in-office application to take home, it would be most helpful to have a tool in doing so. Especially since in Pediatrics, this is most of the efforts of prevention that we strive for. Early routines, bacteria control in the mouth, and good oral hygiene habits are key for children.

Whether you work with children in your office or not...what do you think !?!
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  • I'm wondering if you've been able to successfully use this test and how it went. We're a pediatric practice and want to integrate this into use but we would like to hear from some offices who use it and like it.

    I'd like to hear from anyone who has had the chance to use it!
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