It is usually said and found that old age brings in a lot of health problems that are later difficult to be solved. This also includes the dental problems that one might face. It is recently observed that a number of teeth and gum problems are assumed to occur mainly because of old age. But, if you observe it well, in the olden days, people had healthy teeth and gums even in their old age. This means that there is something else that has been affecting the dental health of people. A number of dentists in Little Rock have come up with a conclusion that the main factor that has been affecting the dental health of the people is the diet that they have been following.

The fast and busy lifestyle has now compelled people to be dependent on the food that is easily available in the markets. These foods are prepared using a lot of preservatives and also contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients. This causes the teeth to decay soon and thus bringing in people to get them treated. Although cosmetic dentistry has introduced a variety of techniques that can help keep the teeth looking white for a longer time, it is better to prevent such problems in the first place. The fluoride toothpastes that are now available to clean your teeth are also not that useful or beneficial for the teeth. It is a scientifically proven fact that fluoride is not good for our health. Let us take a look at some preventive measures that we can take in order to avoid Gum Pain and Tooth Decay.

  1. Avoid the consumption of all processed foods. Processed sugars, flour and also food products that contain artificial colors and flavors like cola are bad for the teeth.
  2. Avoid consumption of Soy milk, tofu, soy protein and unpasteurized milk as they cause tooth decay.
  3. Drink lots of raw milk. Raw milk is a good source of nutrients such as calcium and phosphorous which are needed by the body and also for the healthy growth of teeth. Prefer drinking raw milk over pasteurized milk.
  4. Replace your sugar with naturally available sugars. There are a number of naturally available sugars that are the extracts of berries and fruits. These forms usually do not contain chemicals and thus can replace sugar in your diet.
  5. A food named CamuCamu is said to be the best food that can be consumed to prevent gum diseases. It contains high amounts of Vitamin C and also Bioflavonoids. It helps boost one’s immunity and thus prevents gum diseases.

These preventive measures when considered in your diet plan will surely help you prevent gum pain and tooth decay. Dentists have also stated Flossing to be an important activity to prevent such dental problems. Regular flossing will help maintain hygiene in the mouth and also help prevent serious dental problems.

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  • Thank you Doctor,

    In India we get lots of vitamin C from Amla( a fruit, considered as nectar of life in Ayurveda) also consumed as juice( one table spoon is enough) in the morning or dried and powdered Amla powder, one tea spoon with milk or water daily.Amla is available in India in abundance and very cheap. Amla is the best source of Vitamin C.

    Second to prevent tooth decay we chew sticks of Neem tree and as mouth wash we boil water with few leafs of Neem tree, the leaves are available free of cost and in abundance in India. Neem leaves have antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties.

    May all be happy and at ease.

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