Mumbai, Maharashtra


November 16

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Lab Tech

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20+ years

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One Technician Dental Lab, since 1985, graduated in 1984 from Government Dental College and Hospital - Mumbai, registered dental Mechanic with Maharashtra state dental council of India.Specialized in ceramic crown and bridge work. Trained at VITA Germany, in VITA VM13 and VM9. Training for new and existing Dental Technicians.I help new and existing technicians to increase their productivity and quality of work by improving their technical skills to reproduce quality restorations, brush up on forgotten techniques or enhance skills to prepare for the demands of the new market place. I practice Vipassana, which keeps my mind fresh all the time to reproduce high quality restorations of small numbers per month. My 15 years daughter with great energy and enthusiasm, also at all the time keeps me inspiring and I have great support from my beloved wife in all aspects of my life, which has filled my life full of Joy, Peace and Happiness. This all is reflected in the restorations I reproduce, which gives the Dentist and the Patient great comfort and satisfaction, of the restorations which are replaced, may it be for esthetic or restorative purpose. And I consider it to be my greatest reward. May all be happy and free of anguish like me.

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