Dental Health For A Bright Smile

Dental Health For A Bright Smile

Having a healthy mouth is very important. It benefits your physical and mental health, as well as your smile. Fortunately, it is quite easy to maintain a healthy mouth. All you need to do is to stick to healthy dental hygiene.

Dental care extends beyond our smile. It needs to extend to your gums as well. Gum disease is a serious, progressive, and common dental health issue. Because gum disease tends to be pain-free in the beginning, most people are not even aware they have it. 

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease (also called periodontal disease), is a progressive dental disease caused by plaque and bacteria. The disease of left untreated will destroy your teeth and gums and damage the bones of the jaws.

In its earliest stages (gingivitis), gum disease will present as swollen and reddish gums along with bleeding upon brushing and flossing. Gingivitis is reversible with proper care, the next stage is not. As the disease progresses further, it leads to increased destruction and is called periodontitis..

Periodontitis leads to gum tissue recession, bone loss, and eventually tooth loss.

Gum Disease Prevention Tips

Maintain  A Good Oral Hygiene Regimen

Brush at least two times a day. Try to get in the habit, when possible, to brush after every meal. It is important to brush your tongue as well because it can harbor harmful bacteria. You should choose a soft-bristled brush to gently brush the oral tissues. You should also floss at least once per day to reach areas your toothbrush alone cannot reach.

Use Fluoride

Use a fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth. Fluoride is the most significant toothpaste ingredient. Fluoride helps strengthen the tooth's enamel.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is extremely harmful to your oral health. Smoking will help the development of periodontalndisease by weakening your immune system. Smoking can also lead to oral cancer.


Avoid Sugary Food And Drink

Avoid sugary foods and drinks. Sugar is the food that allows the harmful bacteria to wreak havoc on your dental health.

Maintain Regular Dental Visits

Regular dental examinations and professional cleanings are vital to the health of your smile. Your dentist can detect any issues before they become an extensive problem and can also monitor how you are maintaining your smile at home

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