Dental Implants in Queens

Dental Implants in Queens

If you are missing one or more of your natural teeth, we invite you to discover more about the benefits of dental implants. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about implant dentistry.

We are committed to caring for you in a genial, hospitable atmosphere, and to helping you fulfill your dental goals.

Our practice is founded on the ideal that dental care should be focused entirely on the comfort, safety, and satisfaction of the patient. We are committed to caring for you in a genial, hospitable atmosphere, and to helping you fulfill your dental goals, just as we have helped thousands of other patients.

What are Dental Implants?

The human tooth is remarkable. A strong, durable and healthy adult tooth can withstand hundreds of pounds of biting pressure per square inch, hundreds of times a day, without suffering pain or damage. The natural root of the tooth is equally impressive, keeping the tooth attached to the jawbone and stable in the mouth while supplying it with vital nutrients. Unfortunately, while human teeth are a structural marvel, they are not indestructible. Disease, trauma, heredity, and other factors can lead to the loss of teeth and the need for dental restoration.

Modern restorative dentistry has made it possible to replace missing teeth in a variety of effective, aesthetically pleasing ways. However, only one method of restoration replicates the entire structure of a natural tooth, from root to crown. Composed of an artificial tooth root made of titanium and a meticulously crafted replacement tooth, dental implants come closer than any other dental treatment to restoring the strength, stability, security, and beauty of one’s own natural teeth.

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