The use of low-energy lasers has recently gained considerable attention. They are primarily used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and edema and accelerate healing. Studies on the biologic effects of low energy lasers have been concerned with the ability of such light to increase blood circulation within regenerated tissues to increase production of collagen by fibroblast and to promote a suppresive effect on the immune system.
Furthermore, increased mitotic activity has been reported, which indicates the growth stimulation occurs.
Recently, the bacteriocidal effect of light from a low energy laser was introduced as an alternative approach to Antibiotics and Antiseptics in eliminiting cariogen and periodontopathogenic bacteria from lesion.
The greatest benefit of using a low energy laser is its effects can be achieved without damaging host tissues and with protection to the operator.
The effect of therapeutic laser treatment on both soft tissues and bone with subsequent improvement of denture foundation after t/t of denture induced mucosal lesions.

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