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Dental veneers are thin shells that cover the front surface of your teeth. We use porcelain or composite veneers to cover the stained, worn down, chipped, cracked, or slightly oddly shaped teeth. Veneers on teeth can also close or minimize gaps and teeth longer. As an alternative to orthodontic treatment, veneers’ dental restoration can bring teeth back into alignment to create a more cosmetically perfect smile. Although slightly more expensive, porcelain veneers are long-lasting, and with the proper care, should last ten years or longer. Also, veneers made of porcelain cannot stain or change its shade.

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A beautiful smile makes all the difference when it comes to your self-confidence. Small teeth in adults, gaps in your teeth or tooth discoloration all compromise the look of your smile. Your cosmetic dentist can help you determine if porcelain veneers are the right choice for you.

Veneers for teeth are thin pieces of tooth-colored material that are molded to fit your teeth. Their goal is to change the size, color or shape of your teeth for a more even look. Veneers can enhance:
- Teeth that are discolored from root canals, fillings or other procedures
- Chipped or broken teeth
- Irregular teeth or small teeth in adults
- Teeth with gaps
- Any other dental issues that cause a lack of confidence

What Are Porcelain Veneers and When to Choose Them?
Over the past few years, cosmetic dentistry has advanced considerably, and one of the most popular and widely used innovations is porcelain veneers. The materials used to fabricate dental porcelain laminates have improved tremendously, as have the techniques utilized to create them. Probably the main reason why this cosmetic solution is so popular is that it can transform a smile. If you already have nice teeth, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of smiling, but it’s a way we express emotions and communicate with others.

However, people who are less confident about the appearance of their teeth tend to smile infrequently, if at all. They will often cover their mouths with their hands or will smile with their mouth closed.

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