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Oral health care has acquired a new importance, what with the invention and latest advent in technology in dentistry. Visiting a dentist would once upon a time raise goose bumps, however with time the fear is now replaced with patients looking forward to pain free treatments and even dental cosmetic makeovers.

The change in this scenario has been catalyzed by many dentist clinics too who have introduced new techniques that have brought in various pain free treatments and makeovers, literally giving a facelift to this profession. Oracare Dental Center is one such advance dental clinic in Pune that has been doing wonders in the field of dentistry. Our efficient team of doctors and technicians have taken some major procedures like the root canal treatment, tooth extractions, dental implants etc. to a different level of sophistication all together and have also made these procedures absolutely pain free.

In addition to the above, the importance of Gum Treatments have now come to the fore making a lot of difference to the overall oral health of the patients. A facelift is now not limited to skin alone. Cosmetic dentistry is the new mantra and many a patients vouch by its unbelievable results. In addition Oracare Dental Center gives almost 5 to 25 years of free replacement warranty on selective crowns and some selective bridges too. Services at Oracare also include an additional pickup and drop service and can be arranged upon request on chargeable basis within Pune and Mumbai.

Hence Oracare Dental Center brings a great relief to the patients as our techniques have revolutionized most of the treatments like root canal treatments, dental implants, orthodontic treatments, cosmetic makeovers etc.

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  • Commendable post, it is true that due to technological advancement along with medical science. No dental problem is unreachable. With best medicine & equipment's are available to cure every problem of oral healthcare. So i recommend everyone to rely on dentistry & take care of oral healthcare in consultation with a good dentist.

  • Good post where every bit of dentistry treatment details have been put forward. I too feel that people are no longer scared of dentist with the advent of latest technology one can have a painless experience altogether. Hope with time dentistry makes more researches & helps every generation to overcome dental/gum problems.

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