Identica Scanner – An Important Dental Equipment

Scanner is one of the most essential dental lab equipments that dentists require in order to perform dental surgeries. Dental scanner is an integral part of most dental operations, especially the complicated ones. The scanners deliver superior data with improved measurements. Although there are several imaging technologies that can be used for dental surgeries, the dental scanners are designed to create a 3D digital model, based on either an impression or a physical dental model. These scanners are one of the most revolutionary inventions of the dental laboratory technology. However, it's essential to know the features of an Identica scanner, as mentioned below, in case you are planning to buy one:

  • Twin camera technology – The Identica scanner boasts of a function that obtains a single set of data with two high resolution cameras. This precise data is way more accurate as compared to other scanners that are equipped with a single camera.
  • 3D white light scanner – These scanners are manufactured following the white light 3D scanning technology. This enables users to obtain clearer data than the conventional laser type scanners. White light scanning ensures noise free and clearer 3D data.
  • Sharp margin line – With the help of the twin camera technology, the scanner is designed for optimal measurements of margin lines. With a superior arrangement of the 3D scanning module and the rotary stage, this scanner offers a margin line that’s way sharper than other types of scanners.
  • Fast scanning speed – The Identica scanner is designed in such a way such that it can scan a single tooth model just within 1 to 2 minutes, while bridges take anywhere between 3 and 4 minutes. The scanner can scan any object, irrespective of the shape of the model.


With the help of these advanced features, an Identica scanner enhances the quality of the end product in dental CAD/CAM applications. Thanks to its high-precision 3D scanning and the use of excellent 3D measurement technology, the Identica scanner has revolutionized dental laboratory technology by optimizing production and cost efficiency for the laboratories.

If you have been looking for a high-end 3D scanners ideal for CAD/CAM applications, invest in an Identica scanner today!

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