Life Stages of a Tooth[Infographic]

Taking care of oral hygiene is equally important as taking care of the physical hygiene. When it comes to teeth, you must know how a tooth gets converted into an adult tooth. Basically, there are 3 stages in which a tooth gets transformed into an adult tooth. First of all, there are five parts of a tooth namely, Dentin, Root, Tooth bud, Enamel, Pulp and Tooth bud. In the birth stage of a tooth there are typically 5 stages such as The Bud stage, The cap stage, The Bell stage, The crown stage, The Permanent teeth stage and The Older tooth stage.

These stages guide individuals how they must take care of their teeth at each stage. For instance, infants must be guided against the baby bottle decay and ensure that he is receiving sufficient fluoride. Seniors must take care of their teeth by brushing twice a day and taking periodical dental visits to ensure that the gums and teeth are healthy. When it comes to teenagers and adults, they must brush on a regular basis with a fluoride tooth paste and limit starchy foods. Periodical dental check-ups are advisable. Children must be advised to brush and floss their teeth regularly. Additionally, regular dental visits are also recommended.

All these tips and advices will ensure that you and your family is orally healthy. Do not forget that teeth are an important part of our body lifecycle and thus these not to be cared at utmost priority. If you still face any problems in your teeth, you can take dental assistance from a reputable dentist. On the World Wide Web, you can find the most well-known clinics specializing in excellent dental services all across the globe.

Stay healthy!


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  • Very informative Post! Thanks for sharing such an effective guide for the protection of teeth at different stages of life and maintain healthy and attractive smile. I think we should always diagnose our teeth with dentist to maintain dental health problems before they become serious. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are an important part of maintaining good dental health as you age. Hope this would educate the audience out here. 

  • Great!!! The Infographic that you have shared is worth for all who wish to know about the various stages a teeth undergoes. Oral Hygiene is must if one needs to be proactive towards his health concerns. Thanks for sharing Tim!!

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