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Taking optimum care of your oral health is a lot more important than you might have thought, and for which, choosing the right dentist is even more crucial! As a matter of fact, choosing the right dentist is almost as important as choosing a life partner, in a way that a wrong decision can doom you for the rest of your life. No one wants to experience the embarrassment of skipping out on the plan of having ice cream with their friends just because it hurts their teeth. Bleeding gums or misaligned teeth can literally ruin your entire self-confidence, and don’t even get us started with the bad breath! As such, your oral hygiene has effects which penetrate your self-esteem and more broadly, your overall personality. Therefore, in an attempt to prevent you from ending up like a Gollum (teeth wise), we, at “The Smile Institute”, have compiled the top seven crucial things you need to know before choosing your dentist.

1) Qualification and Experience

First and foremost, probably the most crucial aspect is the experience and qualifications of your chosen dentist. Make sure to clear your doubts and carefully assess whether the dentist is even equipped to practice their profession. Nobody appreciates a job done in an amateur manner–let alone the one that can significantly impact your physical appearance and self-esteem.

2) Cost vs. Quality

The cost of dental services and corresponding quality of dental skills and materials in use at the dental practice fluctuates heavily between dentists. It would be a wise decision to get a few estimates beforehand and do some research to see that you are getting a good combination of cost and quality. After all, we all know that it is not possible to get a really good quality of anything for a very low price. Quality does not come cheap. However, it does not mean that you must select the most expensive dentist to get good quality.

3) Personality of the Dentist and Atmosphere at the Dental Practice

This is the time to put your FBI equivalent stalking skills to use. Go to their website, read reviews, ask around in groups, look at the photos and videos of what the dental practice looks like inside. Know your dentist because the only gap acceptable is the one between your teeth, not in the communication between you and your dentist! Ensure your dentist is friendly and cooperative, and make sure that they listen to your concerns.

4) What your Dentist Specializes In

Every dentist offers the basics but makes sure your dentist knows how to perform the specialized procedures, such as orthodontics, dental implants, complex cosmetic procedures and others, so you don’t have to face a referral to an unknown dentist at the eleventh hour. Bouncing from person to person results in an awkward final look that looks far from natural. 

5) Accessibility and Location of your Dentist’s Clinic

The nearer the dentist the better. More advanced dental procedures usually require a follow-up. Dental emergencies can pop up anytime. And in general, the less time you spend getting to the dental office, the more regular you will visit your dentist and the healthier you will be!

6) Whether your Dentist has the Latest Equipment

Up-to-date technologies and equipment is a must if you want to ensure smooth procedures! Make sure your dentist has invested in current and advanced technologies to ensure better and more accurate results. Usage of advanced technology makes the processes go smoother, enhancing patient experience and guarantees preventative treatment is taking place.

7) Flexibility and Respect for your Time

Last but not least, flexible schedules and respect for your time. Life often tends to get busy and things don’t always go as planned. Make sure your doctor is well aware of that. An understanding dentist that can squeeze you in last minute or doesn’t mind rescheduling your appointments for another time is definitely a must!

There’s a lot more to consider when choosing a new dentist, but don’t let this overwhelm you! Hopefully, these tips will help you identify the right one because choosing a dentist is similar to any other important life decision. It requires research and determination, so do your part and leave the rest in the hands of the professionals!

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