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Dentist Houston TX Dr. Bohluli , announces that he is now offering a full range of emergency dental care at his office, Nu Dentistry Houston Dentist. Emergency dentistry encompasses many treatments for emergencies affecting the teeth and gums. When patients experience dental emergencies, they are at risk for serious complications and often experience severe pain. Not only does prompt treatment offer the best prognosis in these situations, it also immediately resolves the discomfort involved. The availability of this care at Nu Dentistry Houston Dentist gives Houston patients a dependable source for relief in case they suffer a dental emergency.


A dental emergency can result from oral health problems or from physical trauma. When a cavity is left untreated, it can eventually reach the inner pulp of the tooth, allowing bacteria to enter and create an infection and cause toothache. Infection and discomfort can also occur when a tooth is breached by being cracked or broken. Some cases of physical trauma cause a tooth to be knocked out of its socket completely. Other emergencies include infections of oral soft tissues and the lodging of items between teeth.

In an emergency, treatment recommendations at Nu Dentistry Houston Dentist may include root canal treatment, oral surgery, or other procedures. Several restorations are provided at the office, including tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays, and porcelain crowns. Cosmetic treatments include teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding. Patients can also receive orthodontics, such as Invisalign, metal braces, ceramic braces, and lingual braces. For treating gum disease, the office performs a full range of periodontal care, including deep cleaning, gum flap surgery, and tissue grafting.

Dr. Bohluli has been treating Houston patients at his office for more than eighteen years. Dr. Bohluli has received a Masters degree and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. In 2005, Dr. Bohluli received an Excellence in Biomedical Engineering Award. After receiving his certificate in endodontics from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in 2007, Dr. Bohluli joined the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Dental Branch as an assistant professor. He has completed more than 1,800 hours of postgraduate training in several dental specialties, allowing him to offer a wide range of the latest dental techniques and technologies at one convenient location.
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If you are seeking a dental practitioner for your youngsters, you ought to find the one that works on the weekend too. Several dentists nowadays are open for at least a few hrs on Saturdays, and there are a few excellent reasons for this. Prior to you choose a new emergency dental clinic to deal with the teeth of your kids, figure out why Saturday dental practitioners tend to be practical.

Among the most effective parts of a dentist open on Saturday is that they can usually obtain people on the very same day. This indicates if your youngster has a tooth pain Friday evening or Saturday morning, you do not have to wait till Monday or the past to get it considered. You can just employ the morning to have it looked after that afternoon. Just see to it the dental professional you choose offers not simply weekend break hrs, yet likewise same-day consultations or perhaps emergency situation walk-in hours on the weekend breaks. This will guarantee your kid does not have to experience without getting the right treatment done swiftly, or at least a momentary remedy till therapy can be executed.


Children who require great deals of dental work may wind up absent college often. Instead of taking your children out of the institution for the day or perhaps just half a day, you need to schedule an appointment with a dentist open on Saturday in Houston. This way, no college is missed out on, which implies pupils do not have to fall behind on schoolwork just to obtain the dental treatment they require. Plus, you do not have to take some time off the job to take your children to their visits when you get weekend break hrs at the dental professional.

Even if these benefits do not appeal to you right now, you must search for an emergency dentist in Houston offering Saturday appointments. You never ever recognize when you will require this comfort. Toothaches can sneak up on anyone, even on children who seldom obtain them as well as have primarily healthy teeth. You must be prepared simply in case if you intend to avoid needing to view your child in pain as a result of a tooth issue. If you function non-traditional hours as well as therefore do not need to stress over having to get time off for weekday consultations, you need to still locate a Saturday dentist in case your schedule ever before altered.

Plainly, there are many factors that there are dental practitioners that work on Saturdays. This sort of schedule is convenient not just for grownups, yet also youngsters. This is why it makes good sense to seek an expert who uses this.

Find a Saturday dentist near your location to get the best suitable treatment in case of any emergency. We at Urbn Dental provide emergency dental treatment at a very reasonable and affordable cost. We are also open on Saturdays for the convenience of our patients. For more information about the clinic and services offered by us, feel free to contact us anytime directly through our official website thedentisthouston.com.

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