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At LuxDen dental implant center, our specialists can help you restore an entire upper or lower arch of teeth with one complete fixed dental bridge. With this solution, it’s possible to replace 10 or 12 teeth. An implant dentist can screw on or cement the restoration in place. We use only the highest quality Titanium or Zirconium. It is possible to restore entire arches using techniques such as All-on-Four dental implants. But full mouth dental implants use six or more optimally located implants. This will provide greater support and stability.

What Are Full Mouth Implants (All-on-6)?
Full mouth dental implants are utilized to replace the top or lower arch of teeth with a single bridge. For people with sufficient jaw bone structure, full dental implants are the best option. The term “All-on-6” refers to the placement of six implants in sites of the mouth with the most bone volume.

You’ll get a full arch bridge made to look like your natural teeth. This procedure aids in the restoration of look and functioning by giving a biting power that is comparable to that of natural teeth. The bridge also restores the proper height between your upper and lower jaws by providing appropriate support for your cheek and lip muscles.

Why Choose Full Mouth Dental Implants?
All on 6 Dental Implants are perfect if you have complete tooth loss. Tooth loss can be in your upper or lower arch or both arches. Full mouth implants are great if you wear dentures. Opting for full mouth implants in Brooklyn, NY, will provide you with optimal stability. You can bite as you would with your natural teeth with your new teeth. You can enjoy just about anything you wish to eat. Full mouth implants are positioned throughout your jawbone. Your jawbone preserves your new set of teeth. Your new teeth preserve natural tooth roots and bone resorption.

What Is the Procedure for All on 6 Dental Implants?
As with any dental implants procedure suggested at LuxDen Dental Center, we consider your goals and desires for treatment. Dr. Umanoff will discuss your oral and medical health with you in detail.

It is important to discuss your dental and medical health. This ensures you are suitable for any form of implant treatment. Dr. Umanoff will discuss the possible benefits and risks. He can provide an estimate of the costs. An accurate quote won’t be possible until after diagnostic tests are complete. To produce an exact cost your jawbone health must be assessed.

Diagnostic Tests
The diagnostic images are used to plan the surgery. We determine if you may need bone grafting. If you do need bone grafts, we do this before implant surgery. This gives you time to heal. Dr. Umanoff can discuss the procedure for bone grafting in more detail. He will advise you of the additional costs and time needed for surgery. The 3D and 2D images are manipulated to determine the optimal placement for each implant.

During your first visit, your dentist plans treatment outcomes. Dr. Umanoff can plan your implant bridge, ensuring it provides excellent aesthetics. We make sure you can eat and talk comfortably. Then, a custom-made surgical stent or template is used during surgery.

Placing Full Dental Implants
The custom-made surgical stent ensures your treatment goes according to plan. We ensure each implant is inserted to the correct depth and angulation. Once inserted, healing caps cover the new teeth. Healing caps protect teeth and make sure they are undisturbed. This gives your new teeth time to heal and bond with your jawbone. We can create a temporary prosthesis before surgery or adapt an existing denture to wear during this period.

Fitting Your Implant Teeth
Once the implants have integrated and fused with your bone, we attach special connectors to the implants. Your permanent teeth are fitted onto the implants and screwed or cemented in place. Large implant bridges are screwed onto dental implants. We cover the screws with tooth-colored composite resin. It is a technique that allows for easy revivability of the bridge should it require maintenance or cleaning.

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