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6 Tips for Kids Teeth Care

Having healthy teeth is important for people of every age. It is especially important to develop a healthy teeth routine from the very start of your kid’s life. As a responsible parent, you should pay special attention to your child’s teeth as soon as the first baby teeth break through the gums. Here are some useful tips on how to do it properly:

1.Do not underestimate the importance of fluoride

It is essential to make your kid’s teeth strong and healthy. Fluoride reduces cavities in baby and adult teeth. Many cities are required to fluoridate tap water so most children get it regularly. Consult your family dentist to know if your child is getting enough of it. You can use an oral fluoride supplement or fluoride toothpaste if needed. But be careful because too much fluoride can lead to tooth stains and cause more harm than good for oral health. 

2. Be a role model 

Children are known for imitating and following their parents. Use this to your advantage and introduce your kid to good oral care habits. Practice regular brushing and flossing and make these habits a special part of your family daily routine. You can consider a reward plan for your kid’s dedication to having a healthy smile.  Talk to your child visiting a dentist so he/she knows what to expect. Try to explain that regular dental visits are essential for good teeth health.

3. The danger of cavities 

Cavities are holes that form inside teeth and can occur because of bacteria. It is common in children because their teeth are harder to brush. Kids are not the only ones who are in danger of having cavities. 

Any member of your family might have it and pass it to children, infants, or even unborn babies. Make sure you sanitize everything in your house to prevent bacterial infections. Pay special attention to brown areas and white spots on your kid’s teeth and visit a pediatric dentist immediately if there are any visible problems. 

4. Mouth safety 

Keeping your child’s teeth safe during sport should be one of your priorities.

About 40% of dental injuries are sports-related. That’s why you should consider using a mouth guard. They are very useful in reducing the risk of losing a tooth. They are made to protect the jaw, lips, cheeks, tongue, and teeth from all types of injuries.

5. Visit a dentist on a regular basis

Every adult should visit a dentist at least once a year. The same goes for kids.

Your kid should start undergoing regular dental checkups.

In this case, the dentist can walk parents through proper brushing and flossing, obtain and lead a dental history, and prevent cavity problems. To improve your child’s oral health  your dentist can seal your kid’s teeth for cavities prevention. If you're worried about the cost, you should know that dental care for children is now covered by most health insurance plans.

6. Diet is important too

It is important to follow certain diet rules for preventing damage to oral health. Try to avoid sugary foods. Do not let your kid eat too many sweet snacks, drink too much soda or other sugary drinks. Chewing gum can be used as a way of getting rid of the bits of food stuck between teeth and balancing acid levels in the mouth. Try to use only sugar-free gum. 

The bottom line

It should be your goal to build the foundation of your family’s health. You should pay special attention to your child’s teeth from the earliest days. Practicing proper dental care habits and making sure your close ones’ health is in the right hands is extremely important nowadays.

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